Thursday, December 25, 2008

Random thoughts... (Holiday edition!)

Merry Christmas!!! I hope you’re all having the chance to spend time with family and enjoying the day. We found the one Starbucks that remained open today (well, the only one near us… I’m sure there were a couple more open around the city…) and mom and dad brought us triple shot venti cappuccinos and cinnamon rolls this morning. Yes, we weren’t playing around – if we were gonna get cappuccino on Christmas, it was gonna be serious, three-shots-of-espresso cappuccino. (I have to admit it’s rather sad that Starbucks has become such a necessity in our coffee-loving society that it has to remain open on Christmas. Only the necessities – police, firefighters, hospitals… and Starbucks. :)) We opened some gifts here at my house, since mom and dad threw away their old Christmas tree when they moved into their new house and have yet to buy another one. So I had my tree lights on, and “A Christmas Story” on TV, so it was very holidayesque…

Oh, guess what my mom got me? A Brookstone “sound therapy system” with all kinds of sounds like rain and waterfalls to lull you to sleep. I no longer have to rely on White Noise Fan! I now have a dozen sounds besides “fan” to choose from when I’m trying to fall asleep. Yay!

So I seem to have developed a slight Christmas cold. (That makes it sound so much more pleasant… it’s a cheery Christmas cold!) It came on quite suddenly – my only clue that anything was amiss was a rather annoying ringing in my ears Tuesday night. I thought perhaps it was allergies, since my head felt sort of fuzzy… but when I woke up yesterday morning, it was apparent that I was dealing with more than just allergies. So I’ve spent Christmas Eve and Christmas in that sort of “cold haze” that envelops you when you’re getting sick. But oh well… just a cold. I can handle it. I’m just glad it’s getting out of the way now, before we fly up to Chicago. Flying with a cold can be a bad thing… (just ask my mom and her once-ruptured eardrum… )

Does anyone else think it’s weird that that Tom Cruise movie Valkyrie is opening today? Nothing says “peace on earth, goodwill toward men” like a bunch of nazis…

I have decided that I need to buy more lights/general ornaments for my Christmas tree next year. I sort of only decorate one side of the tree right now, because I don’t have enough lights or decorations to wrap all the way around the tree. Not that it matters much, since the tree is in a corner – so even if the other side was decorated no could see it. But it’s just the IDEA of having an entirely decorated tree… and then I could stick the tree right in the middle of the living room, like a giant prickly coffee table…

Well, that’s about it for today. I need to go get ready for dinner at Rick’s parents’ house. Merry Christmas, everyone!


Caity said...

Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas! Ironically, I got a beautiful relaxation sound system as well. It plays all kinds of relaxing background noises and it's an alarm clock too! What a nice present!

Thanks for the comment on my blog. :)

Jannie said...

Our tree is only docorated on the outward facing part too, except the lights do go all around as we stood said prickly coffee table in front of the old front door, the door which will one day a window. We currently have 2 front doors, close to each other as our remodel continues.

I think I felt cedar fever coming on a bit.

Sorry bout your cold. Sucks.

When you flying?

Man I can feel my butt expanding, 7 days with no real exercise to speak of. Sorry, tmi.

: )

Jannie said...

Hi, how funny I just popped over from Caity's blog where you were and there she is with her comment up here. I had no idea she can sing with that beautiful, beautiful wonderful angel's voice. What a joy it was to hear.

She is such a nice person too, I hope you will check in on her again. Add she with you, as you are a nice person too!

Lisa said...

Caity -- yes, it's a terrific present! I hope we both will get great nights of sleep now. :) And since Jannie says you're such a nice person, I'll be sure to check out your blog more often! ;)

Jannie -- I'm actually thinking that what I thought was a "cold" was the beginning of cedar season... sometimes it's hard to tell with that evil cedar! We're flying up to Chicago on the 30th, just in time to spend New Year's Eve with my brother. (No cedar in Chicago! :)) And truthfully, I'm looking forward to the end of the "holiday season," because I'm definitely better with eating/exercise when every day doesn't seem to revolve around food! :)

Jannie said...

Yes, I've felt the cedar a bit but have resisted scratching my eyes so should be fine.

happy travels.