Monday, July 20, 2009

On this day... 1969, we landed on the moon. (At least that's what THEY want you to believe. Oh, they're sneaky, those Theys...) I'm just kidding... :) I'm not one of those weird "the moon landing was staged on a movie set" conspiracy theorists. Can you imagine the unbelievably complicated plot that would've been required to pull off such a feat? It would be not unlike the unbelievably complicated plot that would've been required for "our government" to pull off 9/11 (which is another rant for another time... in fact, I think I may have already ranted about it somewhere on this blog... ah, yes -- here it is).

Anyway, July 20, 1969 was, no doubt, an awe-inspiring day. But I wouldn't know, because I didn't show up until a few years later... which, of course, cemented July 20th as one of the most historically-significant dates EVER.

Okay, maybe not. But I did get a cool dessert at dinner tonight:

You didn't think I'd have a nice, healthy smoothie for my birthday, did you? :)


Jannie Funster said...


And which restaurant does that??

Lisa said...

Thanks, Jannie! :) That was at Jasper's in the Domain -- I love the desserts there, because they're small... so you can have one small dessert, OR you can get three of whichever desserts you'd like to sample. So that's what I did (and Rick shared it with me -- I swear I didn't eat all three of those desserts by myself :)).

Anonymous said...

LISA RULES!!!! Happy 24th lease! (that makes me 21, right?)