Sunday, August 02, 2009

Quick update...

This week has been crazy! The first few days of work were really difficult... actually, that's not true -- the FIRST day was easy, because I didn't have to show up until 1:30 and it was all orientation stuff. So I slept in, went out for my usual morning cappuccino with mom, took my time getting ready for work, and then spent most of the day in HR signing forms and listening to explanations of benefits, etc. By the time the HR orientation woman gave me a tour of the various things to see on the first floor (fitness center, conference rooms, training center, break room, outside patio where it would nice to eat lunch when it's not 100 degrees...), and I was delivered to my department on the third floor (where more tours and introductions ensued), it was already 4 o'clock and time for me to head home.

But that night, I had some panicky moments where I realized I had to figure out an entirely new routine, and I had to get up at 5:30 every day, and I had to wade through the dictionary-sized "New Hire Manual" I was given that morning, and I had to figure out where I could eat lunch, and I had to find the time to work out and make dinner and do laundry and take care of my pets... and needless to say, I only got about four hours of sleep before my alarm went off. And I know there are people out there who can get by on less-than-adequate amounts of sleep every night -- but I am NOT one of those people.

But I managed to get more sleep the next few nights, although the whole week felt sort of "off" -- like normal people are not meant to wake in the dark and sit in an office with no windows for hours on end. But I'm hoping that after another week or two (and after I get my first paycheck), I will feel more in sync with my new schedule.

One thing I'm still trying to work out is our dinner menu -- I didn't really "cook" anything last week. Although I did discover an awesome, low-cal, healthy dinner option -- I have some whole wheat wraps that I spread with a thin layer of hummus, and then added spinach and sliced veggies. Then I roll the whole thing up, and viola -- instant dinner. And it only takes about ten minutes to assemble.

I have, however, missed my daily "green monster" smoothies -- I finally made one for lunch today. Check out how green this one ended up!

Now THAT is a green smoothie. :) And it was quite yummy -- we bought some clementine oranges at the grocery store today, so I threw in a couple of those, plus some frozen bananas and frozen nectarines. My cousin-in-law Jess has been making smoothies, too, so we've swapped a few recipes -- she sent me one the other day for a chocolate-coconut smoothie, with chocolate almond milk and coconut extract. YUM! That one sounds awesome, so I can't wait to try it (as soon as I remember to buy chocolate almond milk!!).

And I have to give an extra-special-super-awesome shout out to Eric and his girlfriend Rachel, who both ran a half marathon today -- wow! I am seriously impressed. And Eric so rarely impresses me... (heehee... just kidding, Eric! I was really impressed that day you learned how to tie your shoes -- when was that? Like three or four weeks ago? Yeah... that was impressive... ;)) Seriously -- I get so inspired when I hear about stuff like this, so Rick and I will definitely be doing our four-mile run/walk tonight. (Which, sadly, sounds rather paltry after "half marathon." But you've gotta start somewhere... :))

Okay, I still have a bunch of things to do this afternoon, so that's all for now... hope everyone had a great weekend!


Jannie Funster said...

Sounds like you're eating, or at least drinking, very healthily.

And the job will come, as you know, the swing of it. What a grande new adventure.

Lisa said...

Yes, we've definitely been trying to eat better, especially in preparation for our upcoming vacation (when I plan to NOT watch what I eat at all :)).

I'm slowly getting settled at work, but it's taking a while to get organized. I'll feel better once I know where everything is and don't feel like I'm always searching for things... :)

Cindy Stokes said...

You can see that picture of the green smoothie before you get to the part where you actually discuss "green monster smoothie" and I was like, "What the heck is that? I couldn't resist trying to guess before I actually found out and all I could come up with is the bottom of some well in the water treatment plant. But now that I know what it is, I want to try it. What makes it green?

Lisa said...

LOL!! :) Yeah, they look pretty weird, but I promise they taste good. It's green because you mix spinach in with the smoothie -- you can't taste it at all, but you get the benefit of all the vitamins and everything.

So my basic recipe is usually something like a cup of baby spinach, 3/4 cup of almond milk, a tablespoon of flax powder, half a frozen banana, and then whatever fruit I happen to have in the house. You can add collard greens or kale, too, but they tend to be a bit more bitter, so sometimes you can taste them... but the spinach works really well...