Monday, February 11, 2013

I was told there would be snow...

You know, I really need to take a cue from other bloggers and write a few posts in advance... then perhaps I wouldn't appear to be such a blog slacker. :)

I've been far too busy pondering the question of why Chicago has had no snow this year. This is CHICAGO -- snow is supposed to be a guarantee. Meanwhile, the northeast was buried under feet of frosty frozen flakes (not to be confused with Frosted Flakes... although snowstorms ARE ggrrrrrreat!). What does a northern city on a Great Lake have to do to get some snow, huh?? Darn you and your global warming, Al Gore!!

This is about the best we've gotten so far:

Ehh... at least the sidewalks were covered, temporarily. (This, by the way, is my favorite place to sit when it actually DOES snow -- I love sitting at my balcony and watching the city view while snow falls...)

Mostly, we've just had cloudy day after cloudy day, with some rain now and then (yeah, RAIN... that's just not right) and an occasional sunny day for good measure. Riff takes full advantage of the sunny days:

Cats love their sunbeams...

Hope you all have a good week, whether or not you're digging out from under piles of snow... :)


LL Cool Joe said...

You can have our snow. It's crazy, usually the UK gets away with very little snow at all, especially in the South, but it's non stop at the moment. I need some sun. I'm with Riff.

G. B. Miller said...

I'll be more than happy to ship a few tons your way, as quite a few towns in our state are having problems finding places to stash it.

Lisa said...

Joey -- I could actually use some sun, too... it has been FAR too cloudy here. But if it's going to be cloudy anyway, I wish it would just snow to make things more interesting. :)

George -- Hope things are getting back to normal over there! I know I'm weird for liking the snow so much -- I think it's because of all the years I lived in Texas and hardly ever saw it... :)