Friday, March 01, 2013

Recent randomness...

I have been at a loss for decent blog topics lately, which has resulted in much silence. So to the two or three of you who actually read my blog, sorry about being so boring. :)

I didn't watch any of the Oscars last Sunday... I just don't care about those awards shows all that much. I did, however, spend the evening watching a movie that WON a few Oscars: Jaws... which I'd never actually watched from start to finish. I'd seen a minute or two here and there -- but never the whole movie in its entirety. ("Is that Richard Dreyfuss??" I exclaimed, when his 28-year-old self appeared on-screen.) And let me just say -- that movie is SCARY. That shark was huge! And yeah, it was a fake movie shark... but still -- that fake movie shark was HUGE!! I've always found it extremely unsettling to swim in lakes and oceans -- I don't like large, dark bodies of water filled with unknown contents... and now, well, I'm just not sure I can ever go near the ocean again. :) (By the way -- John Williams is a movie soundtrack GENIUS. That guy can musically capture the mood of a film better than any composer out there...)

I think our snow chances for Chicago this year are officially a bust. We got a couple inches the other night, and it's actually been snowing off and on for the last three days or so... but it's been too warm for the flakes to actually accumulate. So while it's been pretty to watch it fall, it hasn't really amounted to much. Such a disappointing winter... well, for those of us who love snow. :)

It's been exceedingly cloudy the last few weeks, which has been rather depressing. I always find that I have more energy when the sun shines -- apparently I run on solar-powered batteries. Needless to say, I've found myself dragging most days, trying to decide between working out (which usually helps to give me a bit more energy) and drinking copious amounts of coffee (which temporarily gives me a slight energy boost, but only until my coffee is gone...). But we did have one clear day last week, which happened to coincide with a full (or almost full) moon:

But today is yet another cloudy day... so in lieu of drinking copious amounts of coffee, I'm off to work out. Hope everyone had a good week!    


Mom said...

Cool picture!!

G. B. Miller said...

Yeah, I can sympathize with the lack of motivation for blogging. I'm down to two posts a week minimum and one of them is a current recycle of an old post from days gone by.

LL Cool Joe said...

That is a great photo!

Most days here in the UK are grey, cloudy and wet, and I, like you, really need a dose of sun to recharge the batteries. Today was a beautiful day here and I can't believe how much I managed to get done!

Also like you, and George, I'm lacking in motivation on the blogging front.