Monday, November 17, 2008

Random randomness...

So Rick is off to another week in Chicago, which means I’ll be falling asleep with White Noise Fan this week. After he got to the hotel last night, Rick decided to experiment with the Chicago transit system – he had a 7:30 meeting downtown this morning, and he didn’t want to fight the morning traffic to get there. Especially when there’s a train platform right outside the hotel. And he successfully managed to wend his way downtown, even though he got on the wrong bus at one point and called me to say he was “lost in Chicago.” (He wasn’t really lost… just in the wrong place… he figured it out eventually.)

Last week was good as far as house-viewings goes… and there’s at least one person planning to come by this week. So at least people are starting to look – which is more encouraging than absolutely NO one coming by to look. I mean, it only takes one person to buy the house – but how will anyone know if they want to buy it if they never LOOK at it?

So the other day I was eating an English muffin and reading the side of the box (because I was obviously extremely bored or something… who reads English muffin boxes??) and noticed the package proclaimed that these muffins have “tasty nooks and hearty crannies.” Mmmm… tasty nooks and hearty crannies. Hey, wait a second – aren’t “nooks” and “crannies” technically just SPACE? So really, nooks and crannies would be the ABSENCE of English muffin. There IS no English muffin in the nooks and crannies. So how can they be “tasty” and “hearty”??? The nooks and crannies are tasteless… they have no texture… there’s nothing interesting or unusual about them… they are devoid of any nutritional value whatsoever. But I suppose “tasteless nooks and nutritionally devoid crannies” doesn’t have the same ring to it…

I really love Anthony Bourdain on the Travel Channel. Not only is he a great writer, but he’s got an amusing cynical, snarky attitude that translates well to his television show. (And once again, I find myself asking – how does one manage to find a job that pays you to travel all over the world? I so want that job…)

I AM getting ready for a bit of travel myself – but only up to Chicago for the weekend. And I will be moving there eventually (assuming someone buys the house within the next few months or years or whatever) so it’s not really a vacation. Because you don’t vacation where you live, right? It’s more of a scouting mission… have to scope out the neighborhoods and see what kinds of apartments/condos/houses are available.

Okay, that’s about it for today… I’m too preoccupied to write very much… I keep thinking about how I need to steam clean the carpets and straighten up the kitchen before anyone comes to view the house. I can’t wait until it sells… :)

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