Monday, July 05, 2010

Randomy stuff

What's that you say? "Randomy" isn't a word? You're right... what I meant to say was "randomish"...

So did everyone have a good 4th of July? We did our usual "stand in the driveway and watch the fireworks" thing. I love living so close to the golf course on July 4th. Of course, the rest of the year it can be sort of annoying, what with all the stray golf balls hitting the house and landing in our yard. There are some REALLY bad golfers around here, apparently... What I DON'T like on the 4th of July is the people who think it's perfectly fine to set off crazy loud firecrackers (not to mention shoot fireworks directly over your house) well past a "considerate" hour. It's already rather inconsiderate to aim your incendiary devices in such a way as to guarantee they land in your neighbor's yard and driveway... it's even worse to keep setting them off when half the neighborhood is trying to sleep...

I've been realizing lately that I really miss blogging... this "once a week if I'm lucky" schedule is really sad. And I've actually had a few things to talk about lately. For instance -- we just added a new member to our family. Check him out: 

Arrrggh! The carnage!! The stuffed mouse carnage!!

Okay, here's a better one:

His name is Riff -- we wanted to stick with the "music" theme we've used to name our pets. Riff sort of has a double meaning -- it can be a repetitive phrase in a piece of music, or a kind of musical "tangent" (as in a guitar riff or a jazz riff)... and Riff is also the name of Tony's best friend in West Side Story. And look at this little guy -- you can tell he's totally ready for a rumble with the Sharks...

Piva has gotten more used to him, but still isn't quite sure whether we made the right decision when we brought the new little thing into the house:

And in other pet news -- when we took Riff to the vet for the first time, the vet tech came into the room and handed us something in a plastic bag. It was a little round plaster impression of Echo's paw print. How sweet is that? I thought it was such a thoughtful gesture:

Well, I guess that's it for now... I need to go make something for a light dinner and then get ready for another work week. Have a good week, everyone!


G said...

Randomy can be a word if you choose it to be. :D

The pic of the two cats is hilarious.

Like, "Don't you invade my tower you ruffian!"

And that was a very thoughtful gesture on the part of the vets.

Lisa said...

Thanks, G! I think shall add "randomy" to my dictionary of non-existent words... :)

The kitten has been quite the experience for my poor adult cat -- I'm hoping the little one will calm down once he gets bigger!