Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday night random thoughts...

It doesn't feel like Friday for some reason... maybe because we were in Austin last weekend, and came back with mom and dad on Monday, and then Rick's schedule was weird this week, and mom and dad left this morning, so everything has been off-kilter this week and my mind doesn't know what day it is. (It's FRIDAY, Mind... it's Friday...)

We walked about a half mile to dinner tonight. The weather is starting to get really nice -- I wore a jacket, and about halfway to the restaurant I had to take it off and carry it. It was only about 64 degrees, which, when I lived in Texas, would have seemed freezing cold -- in fact, I used to classify anything below 70 as "freezing" in Texas. You really get used to the weather wherever you live... which, by the way, is here:

Seriously, I have a problem. Someone take my camera away from me...
Okay, this may be the shortest list of random thoughts ever, but we're about to watch a movie, so I'm off to make popcorn... have a good weekend, everyone!

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