Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Guess where I am?

Oh, I suppose I made that too easy. :) As usual, I could not resist the call of the skyline... the Sears Tower seems to be pink tonight? I'm not sure why that is... but I do like the ever-changing colors of the skyline. (Needs more purple... :))

We flew home this afternoon -- Rick and I had seats in an exit row, which not only provides more leg room, but also apparently results in super powers. At least that's what we concluded from this sign over the emergency exit door:

We interpreted it to mean, "Do not listen to an iPod when using your laser-vision eyes to start fires outside the window." You don't even get laser-vision in first class...

When we got home, I was greeted with this:

That would be nearly an entire roll of toilet paper in a giant pile on the floor. I'm pretty sure THIS guy was the culprit:

Yeah, he TRIES to look all sweet and innocent, but I know better. And he never unrolls toilet paper like that when we're at home -- so he probably thinks we'd never suspect him. And then he goes into Operation Distract Owner With Extra Cuteness mode and rubs my feet:

See how adorable I am? I could never be suspected of such a crime. I'm sure the paper simply fell off into a pile by itself. These things happen. Tuna???

Okay, I'm about to fall asleep, so I'm off to bed... Do you suppose my laser-vision will still work in the morning?? :)


LL Cool Joe said...

That cracked me up. Our cats used to that with the loo rolls when we they were mad at us for going out. :D

Lisa said...

Yeah, he never does this when we're home, so I assume he's trying to express his annoyance. :) There was also a chewed-up paper towel in the entry way hall -- I don't even know where he FOUND that. Cats are an endless source of entertainment... :)