Friday, February 10, 2012

Snow and other random stuff...

Why have all my posts been so random lately?? I guess it's just a reflection of the discombobulation in my brain right now. But here's a good topic: SNOW! We're getting some nice wintery weather today... I guess we've averaged about one decent snowfall per month this winter? That's just unacceptable for Chicago... I moved here with the understanding that there would be snow. Lots of snow.

Today's little storm began with some nice, gentle flakes:

And has progressed to windy, billowing, horizontal snow-clouds:

Fuuuuuuun!!! (Hey, I don't have to shovel anything or drive anywhere... ergo: fun! :))

So far, the lines on the street are still visible, so there haven't been any entertaining traffic issues yet. But the day is young...

Yesterday's weather:


And yes, Riff does have a scratch below his left eye -- it was bestowed upon him by Piva, who was NOT in the mood to play whatever game he wanted to play... when will he learn? (Probably never...)

Well, that's about it for today... maybe next time I can come up with something more substantial to talk about...


LL Cool Joe said...

Ha, well we have real snow, and you are welcome to it!

I had a hard time seeing the scratch below Riff's left eye, I think I need new reading glasses.

Your cats are beautiful.

Lisa said...

Thanks! And yes, after I posted that picture, I realized the scratch is really only noticeable when the picture is blown up on my computer screen -- don't worry, your eyes are fine... :)

I'm coming to get your snow right now! How much do you suppose I can smuggle through customs? Hehe... :)

G said...

Being a long time resident of a state where snow is part and parcel of the landscape (except for this winter though, where we have less than 24 total inches for the season) it always amazes me when people, who have for the most part never seen snow, want snow.

Because it's one of those things I take for granted, it's very refreshing to see some experience the pure magic that snow can often bring.

Lisa said...

G -- I was going to respond to your comment, but then I realized I had enough to say to turn it into a full-fledged post. So I have to thank you for the idea! :)