Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What's so funny?

The Hancock Building has been red (or maybe pinkish-orange?) for the last few weeks in honor of Valentine's Day... a day I've never been particularly fond of, to be honest. Too many bad memories of being the only girl I knew without a boyfriend, and the one who was never asked to a dance, and the one who was always picked last in gym, and the one who would hide in the library to avoid eating lunch alone... (Okay, SOMEbody needs to stop living in the past -- that just makes me sound downright pathetic... and I don't even know what those last two have to do with Valentine's Day -- I was just on a roll with the bad memories... :))

Anyway... we went across the street to our oh-so-convenient neighborhood cupcake store and bought a couple of cupcakes in honor of today's Hallmark holiday. They had those little candy hearts on top -- the ones that say things like "Be Mine" and "I heart U" and "True Love." THIS, however, is the one I received on top of my cupcake:

Really? You think something's funny, Valentine's Day Cupcake?? Are you laughing at me? Are YOU laughing at ME??

Oh, it's ON...

Who's laughing NOW, Cupcake?

Who's... laughing... NOW???

What, suddenly you don't have any smart-alecky little candy heart quips to pass along?

Yeah. That's what I thought.


G said...

So.....did our favorite song for Valentine's day turn out to be "Love Stinks"? :D

Lisa said...

Hehe... (or should I say "LOL" like my cupcake? :))