Thursday, July 05, 2012

Hey! It's a bunch of random stuff!

It has been craaaaazy hot, y'all... (why did I just say "y'all"??? I never say y'all... I'm way too East Coast to ever say y'all... the word y'all has never escaped my lips, and my usual "you guys" would never allow it to do so. I can only assume that the heat has frazzled my brain and tricked me into believing I'm back in Texas, where "y'all" is quite ubiquitous and no one gives you a second look if you use it. Which I never have. Rick, however, says it all the time...)

Speaking of the heat -- why does 104 in Chicago feel hotter than 104 in Austin?? Maybe I just EXPECT it in Austin, so when I leave a nice, air conditioned building and walk outside into a stifling blanket of heat, it's not much of a surprise. Here, however, I have more of a "temperate" expectation... or maybe "pretty warm"... possibly even "pretty warm bordering on hot." But this week has been HOT hot. Like the kind of heat that makes you ask, "do I really have to walk a WHOLE block and a half to the CVS to buy soap/toothpaste/shampoo or refill a life-saving prescription in this heat? I mean, is it really necessary for me to shower/brush my teeth/stay alive?" I'd say that it feels worse in Chicago because of the humidity, except a quick search on tells me that it's about the same here as it is in Austin. So I'm going with my "unexpected heat" theory...

Hope my U.S. readers had a good 4th of July yesterday. I did pretty much nothing. :) Rick and I walked to breakfast around 9:30 a.m. and it was ALREADY so hot that I couldn't imagine walking much farther than the three blocks to the cafe... I had a Belgian waffle -- I've been really into Belgian waffles lately for some reason. I used to be more of an exclusively Pancake Person (with some occasional French toast thrown in), but I've recently discovered a love of waffles. Or maybe there are just a bunch of places around here that make REALLY good Belgian waffles. (Sometimes I think I'm a bit too obsessed with breakfast foods...)

We missed out on fireworks last night... we COULD have walked a mile down the street to Navy Pier, but again -- it was HOT. So I made do with colorful flashes of light in the distance and a few sparkly reflections in the buildings a few blocks away. Besides, Navy Pier has fireworks every Wednesday and Saturday in the summer, so maybe we'll catch another show soon...

This is extra super random, but my blog is ninth and tenth in Google's "comfortability" search list. (But it's still not a real word. Just sayin'...)

And more extra super random: I watched the end of How to Train Your Dragon this morning -- I love that movie. I think mostly because the animated dragon was totally based on Riff. Seriously, whoever came up with that character obviously had a cat. But even the animated look of the dragon reminds me of Riff -- to the point that when I first saw the movie, and the dragon is stuck on a sinking boat at the end, I was yelling, "don't kill the dragon-kitty!" at the screen. Yeah, that's not weird at all...

How to Train Your Dragon dragon:


Hehehe... :) Okay, that's enough randomness for today. Off to watch TV and drink some iced tea... and possibly eat some Ben and Jerry's that I may or may not have bought at the store today... okay, I DID buy it -- have I mentioned that it's hot??


G. B. Miller said...

We have a comfy hot this week, with temps in the mid 90's and very little humidity.

Still, I made sure not to do anything that required motorized transportation on the 4th. Instead, I rode my bicycle. Only somewhat safer and I had double the fun.

Mom said...

LOVE the pictures of the dragon and Riff!!

Lisa said...

G -- It's finally cooling off a bit this weekend -- I've felt like such a wimp, because I used to deal with 100 degree temps in Austin all the time. But for some reason, 100 degrees here feels so much more miserable.

I wish I was more of a bicycle person -- they're a very popular mode of transportation here, but I think if I used one I'd be paranoid about getting hit by a car... :)

Mom -- If you haven't seen that movie yet, we'll have to watch it sometime. I swear that dragon was based on Riff -- not just the way it looks, but the way it acts, too. It's so funny! :)