Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Caffeine-fueled random...

I'm on my second cup of coffee... or maybe third... I tend to refill my cup before it's actually empty, so who knows how much I've had. I'm sure it's not TOO much... I mean, if I'd had TOO much coffee I'd be bouncing off the walls and super energetic and I'd be writing long rambling sentences without punctuation or pauses or capital letters even if such things are required and id probably have a hard time focusing on what im doing hey did i mention were going to hawaii in a couple months and maybe i would rapidly change topics for no reason puppies!!!! and everything would be totally confusing i really love coffee and also chocolate and i donthinkicouldlivewithouteitherone........

Uhh... yeah, so anyway, I don't think I've had THAT much coffee... :)

Hope everyone had a nice weekend... mine was rather low-key, as usual. Just ran some errands on Saturday, watched a silly movie ("The Pirates! Band of Misfits"... it wasn't exactly a Pixar-quality animated movie, but it had its moments...) and did some reading. And then on Sunday night, Rick and I tried a restaurant we'd never been to in Lincoln Park. After circling the block and finding no parking, we decided to make use of the valet service. As we pulled up to the corner, we saw a man waiting to cross the street who looked really familiar... Rick was like, "is that... uh... that guy? You know, that guy... umm, you know the guy I'm talking about??" And when I looked at him, I was like, "hmmm... he DOES look a lot like that guy who used to be on Saturday Night Live..." When the valet collected our car, Rick asked him if he knew whether the man was someone famous, and the valet said, "oh, that's just some guy who lives in the neighborhood." Okay, well, that was the end of that. (For a few minutes...)

Inside, we were seated at a table close to the bar. After we'd ordered, I glanced around the restaurant and realized that the same guy we'd seen cross the street earlier was now sitting at the bar. So once again, Rick and I questioned whether it was "that guy." Since I couldn't remember his name right away, I pulled out my phone, looked up SNL cast members on IMDB, and finally figured it out: Tim Meadows. And I found this picture, which looked exactly like "that guy" at the bar (except the guy at the bar was wearing a t-shirt and jeans):

So did the valet actually know what he was talking about? I mean, was this just some guy who lived in the neighborhood and he just happened to bear a striking resemblance to Tim Meadows? And then, somewhere about halfway through my salad, I caught a snippet of conversation coming from the bar: "Mr. Meadows, did the Lions win today?" And not two minutes later: "'Sup, Tim! How's it going?" And there ya go -- confirmation that the guy at the bar was, in fact, named Tim Meadows. And that's the biggest celebrity sighting I've had here in Chicago so far. (Although my mom did remind me that we once saw Pat Sajak at the Saloon steakhouse -- he was sitting at the table right next to ours. So really, we practically had dinner with him...)

I have been loving the weather here this last week -- it's still been mild during the day (but not HOT), and at night it goes down into the 50s or 60s... every morning when I wake up, it's just sliiiiightly chilly -- the kind of chilly that announces a season change is right around the corner. This is what I love about the north -- when September hits, it's like someone flips a switch labeled "fall" and the season starts to subtly shift...

Lastly, I can't post anything without remembering that today is September 11. I'm wearing a New York Yankees shirt, in honor of the city (and team :)) I love so much. The weather here today reminds me of the perfect weather in New York eleven years ago. I had no idea -- in those few moments before I turned on the TV, wanting to enjoy the beautiful view outside my window in silence a bit longer -- that the perfect blue sky was about to be so horrifically marred and everything was about to change.

This little guy wishes peace to everyone:

And maybe a little bit of drool... but mostly peace. :)


mom said...

Loved your first paragraph! :-) But I especially loved the second picture!

LL Cool Joe said...

As I now only drink decaf coffee, I no longer get the buzz, but I no longer get the heart palpation's either.

Love the Peace t-shirt, I think we should all wear one, with or without the drool.