Tuesday, April 28, 2009


What a great word... and I don't get a chance to use it very often. But what better title for a post full of random thoughts??

Random thought #1: I am still in the fantasy baseball basement, although within the next couple weeks I have a few (hopefully) very good players coming off the DL. I have dreams of a meteoric rise from the basement to the penthouse suite. But I'd be happy to just have a nice, clean room with a king sized bed, flat-screen TV, and a view of the city...

Random thought #2: It has been raining in Austin for what seems like a very long time. Although in reality, it's probably only been a few days. Every time we get rain like this, people say, "oh, we need the rain so bad!" because Austin is apparently constantly in the throes of a drought emergency and we're thisclose to running out of water completely, resulting in the ongoing threat that Austin will one day evolve into a desolate, dusty ghost town where nothing green will ever,ever grow again. (Seriously, I'm so tired of hearing about the "drought" when I feel like if I step outside I may just fall knee-deep into a puddle...)

Random thought #3: Rick and I drove past a street today called "Toro Grande." We then had a conversation that went something like this:

Me: What does "toro" mean? Is it "bull"?

Rick: Yep.

Me: So "Toro Grande" means "large bull"?

Rick: Yep, something like that.

(A few moments of silence...)

Me: So do you suppose that somewhere in Mexico, there's a street called "Large Bull"?

Rick: Yeah... and there's probably a couple people driving past it right now having this same conversation in Spanish.

Whoa. That'd be weird...

Random thought #4: Does anyone think the swine flu panic is a little TOO panicky at the moment? I mean, yes, the number of people infected continues to climb... but a couple thousand cases in a world of almost 7 BILLION people doesn't really seem to be worth the panic just yet. I just saw a picture of someone wearing a surgical mask in Times Square... c'mon -- New York City ALONE has about 8 million people. So even if EVERY case of swine flu reported so far was in NYC, the percentage of people infected JUST in the city would be around a quarter of a tenth of one percent. And I'm not even gonna TRY to do the math for 7 billion people...

But just so everyone knows, the original culprit HAS been found, and we now know the origin of this insidious flu (I have to apologize for the language, but I seriously laughed so hard when I saw this):

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Jannie Funster said...

I sure hope it doesn't rain today my hair needs to be PERFECT for tonight.

Now off to do my toenails.