Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mom's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day, Leilani! Er, I mean, mom!! :) Yes, my mom's name is Leilani, but no, she's not Hawaiian. My grandfather played steel guitar, and he and my grandmother looooved Hawaiian music. Their favorite song was "Sweet Leilani." So when my mom was born -- even though she's not the least bit Hawaiian -- she was bestowed with that moniker. And ever since, she's been constantly correcting the spelling and pronunciation of people unfamiliar with the name. :) (Except, of course, when we go to Hawaii, where it's used for everything from bakeries to hotels to streets to Hawaiian residents... it's kind of like the name "Jennifer" here on the mainland...) I have to give my grandparents credit, though, for choosing a name that was not only unusual (for most of the country), but also NOT "trendy." Trendy names tend to start out as "unusual" -- until everyone else in the world catches on to the trend...

So happy Mom's Day to my mom -- whose name is never written correctly on Starbucks cups, but who is always so generous when I need a cup of coffee. :) Love you, mom!!!

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mom said...

Thanks, Lisa. Being a mom has been the best thing in my life! Maybe that's because I have the best kids! I love you, too!