Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I am temporarily taking a break from posting any more vacation pictures (although several more are coming soon... I've found a few more good ones I should've posted :)). Instead, I am posting this picture of Chris Chavez, my dad, and Guy with Mustache (I'm sorry -- I don't know who the guy with the mustache is... I'm sure he's a very nice guy... I just don't happen to know his name...):

My dad was awarded Inventor of the Year at St. Jude Medical for his work on the Eon Mini, which you can read about here, if you're interested. But basically, he got an award because he's awesome. (That's what the clock that he's holding says -- Awarded for Overall Awesomeness in the Field of Being Awesome. I mean, I haven't actually SEEN the award yet, so I'm just guessing... but I'm sure that's close...)

I'm just glad they weren't giving out awards for "highest number of steps on a pedometer." :)

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Dad said...

Thanks Lisa. The guy with the mustache is the Vice President of R&D and he is a nice guy - he just bought me lunch today. So I guess the inventor of the year has a few other perks beside getting an award with a clock in it.