Monday, March 01, 2010

The lone bubble...

Well, this is it. It took me a little over a year, but I finally finished off the very last piece of my Chicago Tootsie Roll stash. I managed to polish off a plethora of sugar-laden treats: regular Tootsie Rolls, flavored Tootsie Rolls, Tootsie Pops, cotton candy, chocolate-covered cherries, Andes mints, Blow Pops, Dots... And it's no surprise (to me, anyway) that the last man standing was a piece of Double Bubble bubble gum -- I rarely chew "sugared" gum, choosing to spend most of my gum-chewing hours on sugarLESS gum. (Four out of five dentists recommend it, after all, and that's a pretty big majority...)

So I went from this:

To this:

That's it. End of the line. No more sugar highs for me.

Incidentally, Dubble Bubble bubble gum (I just noticed, as I was looking at the picture above, that it's spelled "Dubble." Hmmm... Why not Double Bouble??), gets less-than-chewable after months in a pantry. My last few pieces resembled something akin to mostly hardened modeling clay, and probably would've been better suited to be used as bottle stoppers, or maybe some sort of ballast... but I was determined to chew them into oblivion, nonetheless.

Sigh... it was yummy while it lasted... :) 


G said...

I'm impressed, since I remember when you came home with that ungodly and unhealthy stash of yummy candy. :D

Lisa said...

Heehee... :) Yep, I'm actually amazed it lasted as long as it did. I do love Tootsie Rolls... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! I think I met my match with your candy stash. I have 5pound bags of skittles and swedish fish (thanks dad), mini snickers and mini mars bars, lollipops etc. I think Im going to be scared when i finish all the skittles and swedish fish; just knowing how much sugar is flowing through my veins. Anyways just popping in to say hi! wish you lived in chi-town---(maybe someday)

p.s. sorry to hear about Allegro. She seems like she was an awesome cat. (sorry kiko) :)


Lisa said...

Hey Rachel! Wow, you could use those five-pound bags of candy to work out -- do a few candy-coated biceps curls... :) (If it were me, I'd finish off those snickers and mars bars first -- I have no willpower around chocolate!!) I wish we were living up there, too -- Rick actually got all that candy back when he HAD a job in Chicago and we were so excited to move. And then all the layoffs started... sigh... hopefully someday we'll get another chance! :)

And thanks, yeah, Allegro was pretty great... it's still weird to walk out into the living room every morning and see an empty place where she used to sleep. (And I heard you cleaned up "Kiko's room" -- that's awesome! Must've been a really big job! :))