Monday, August 02, 2010

Random thoughts!

As is often the case nowadays, I feel compelled to post something to my blog, yet my remaining, functioning brain cells are ill equipped for anything other than random thoughts. To that end -- random thoughts!!!

We were planning to stay home tonight and eat good things like veggies and fruit, and then my parents conspired against us and invited us to Freddy's... I did, however, have a veggie BURGER -- does that count? (Don't worry about the frozen custard... we'll just pretend like that never happened...)

Our five-month old kitten, Riff, figured out earlier tonight how to jump from the end table next to the couch onto the kitchen counter. Up until now I've been able to keep him off the counter, mainly because he's been too small to jump that far... but now I'll have to deal with brushing him away every ten seconds when I'm trying to make dinner. I'm not a fan of cat hair in my food...

My department at work played musical offices on Friday -- we all moved into new offices, which involved lots of packing, furniture location confusion, and disconnection/reconnection of computers. I learned that my office is the home to an inordinate amount of binders filled with years-old documents, which not only took up far too much room in the packing crates, but also take up most of the cabinet space in my new office...

There seems to be some kind of allergen floating around in the air in Austin... I've been waking up with an itchy throat, which is really annoying. Even Rick has been having sneezing problems, and he's hardly ever allergic to anything... (That reminds me, I really should take some Benadryl before bed...)

I can't believe it's August already... how did THAT happen??

Okay, I need to go shine the laser pointer on the floor so Riff will chase it for a while and hopefully tire himself out before I try to sleep... Otherwise, he'll no doubt wake me up at 3 in the morning by running around in circles on the bed... 

Good night!! :)

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