Thursday, August 19, 2010

Randomy randomness...

Okay, I have to put up SOMEthing else on this page, because I'm sure no one appreciates coming to my blog and immediately seeing a giant spider. I don't even appreciate that, and I'm the one who put it there... :)

So how about some random thoughts?? Yay!

Riff is driving us insane. That cat is crazy. I'm assuming it's because he's still in "kitten" stage, but lately he has taken to running around our bedroom and bathroom at night when we're trying to sleep, knocking over toothpaste tubes and shampoo bottles and bars of soap and whatever else he can get his paws on in the bathroom. And then, once he settles down, he curls up on my pillow and sleeps for a while (which means less and less room for me as he gets bigger and bigger -- he used to occupy one tiny corner... now he takes up half the pillow...). But then, usually sometime between 4:30 and 5:00, he wakes up and decides it's time to play again -- but, being slightly groggy I suppose, he decides to go after whatever is closest to him. And that would happen to be my head. He pounces on top of my head, grabs my hair, and pulls it with his teeth. If I'm lucky, he doesn't dig his claws into my scalp when I reach up to grab him and toss him to the end of the bed. (This, of course, serves only to assure him that I DO, in fact, want to play, and he runs right back up to my head and pounces again...)

I'm getting a little tired of the bizarre Chinese comments that keep popping up under my posts. I suppose they're some kind of automatically generated spam, which has somehow found a way to get past the word verification feature for comments. (Rick has actually managed to translate them a couple times using an online language translation site, and they always say things like, "beauty lies in sunshine happiness of mountain shadow for wise man.")

Only one more day until the weekend!! Wait, let me say that the way it sounds in my head: ONLY ONE MORE DAY UNTIL THE WEEKEND!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEKEEEEEEEEEND!!!!!

My legs and back are a little sore from yesterday's P90X workout. I'm doing pretty well with it, although I have, on occasion, skipped a workout here or there (it's really hard to maintain hour-long workouts six days a week... I can usually manage at least five, but sometimes I just need a rest day, you know?). I also refuse to do the yoga DVD, because I've decided that I really hate yoga. I know some people LOVE it, but I just can't get into it. I don't feel like I'm DOING much when I'm attempting to maintain some awkward pose... I just feel like a silly person trying to maintain an awkward pose. For me, a workout has to FEEL like a workout -- how am I supposed to pound out all my stress and aggression in "tree pose," while calmly breathing in and out through my nose?? So on yoga days, I just do a few miles on the treadmill instead... And I'm excited, because yesterday, I got as close as I've ever gotten in my life to doing an actual pull-up. I'm still not quite there yet, but I'm no longer assuming it's an impossible task. It just MIGHT be possible, after all...

Have I mentioned the cool new movie theater that opened up a few miles from here? It costs $22 for a movie... yes, it's a lot of money for a movie. BUT, every theater is assigned seating, there isn't a bad seat in the entire place, AND the seats themselves are huge, cushy, and recline like first class airline seats. They even have blankets in case you get cold. They also serve REAL food and drinks -- you can get everything from pizza and blue cheese potato chips to farfalle pasta and steak... plus desserts, coffee, martinis, you name it. (Ironically, I'm not sure they actually serve popcorn...) If you need anything during the movie, you just push a button and someone comes to take your order. It's like my new favorite movie theater. I'm not sure I can ever go back to a regular, wait-in-long-lines, end-up-craning-your-neck-in-the-front-row, walk-on-sticky-floors, popcorn-and-milk-duds theater. (Although I do like popcorn and milk duds... :))

Well, that's about all I can manage to find wandering around in my brain right now... hope everyone is having a good week -- everyone say it with me now: WEEEEEEEEKEEEEEEND!!!! 


G said...

And that's why a movie ticket costs $22, because it sounds like its a restaurant that happens to have a movie screen.

And I discovered that most cats gain energy as they get older, except that they use it a little more judiciously than kittens.

Lisa said...

Yeah -- it's kind of like a cross between a restaurant and a living room (those big cushy chairs are so comfortable). And the addition of the movie screen is a nice touch... :)

I've heard that getting a male cat "fixed" will reduce some of his aggression. I'm hoping that's true... I don't mind the energy so much, but the pouncing on my head while I'm trying to sleep is just getting annoying. I see a trip to the vet in his near future... :)