Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Out with the old, in with the new...

So for the last week, my morning routine has gone something like this: get up, get dressed, get ready to leave the house; feed cats, make sure litter box is clean; Swiffer the floors if necessary (and it's necessary much too often); clean and dust counters and tables; make the bed; clean bathroom counter and mirror (which are inevitably splashed with water when Riff drinks from the faucet) -- all of this to make sure the condo is presentable for the parade of prospective renters we've had tromping through every day.

Well, this afternoon we got word that the condo has been RENTED! Perhaps partly thanks to my efforts to keep it clean... or partly thanks to the fact that we asked Riff to act extra cute when people were looking at the condo (at which point he promptly climbed into a laundry bag and took a nap):

But CERTAINLY thanks in no small part to this:

Ah, my view... I am going to miss you... Will the new renters appreciate you enough to photograph you every other day?? I think not...

But we're definitely getting excited about the new place. As I mentioned before, the guy we bought the condo from had two big dogs... they not only tore up the bedroom carpet (which should be replaced tomorrow), but they also scratched up the hardwood floors in the living/dining/kitchen area. They weren't so bad that we couldn't live with them, but we decided to ask our floor guy to refinish the wood -- which is much cheaper than replacing the floors. They sanded them down yesterday, and then applied a coat of stain today... Rick and I went by after lunch to check out the progress -- we couldn't walk on the floors yet, so we just opened the door and looked inside. The floors look AWESOME -- I can't believe how much of a difference just refinishing them has already made! It's got me very anxious to see the new carpet and paint that should all be finished by this weekend. So while I may not have the same view anymore, I think the condo itself is going to have much more personality than this place has. There are always pros and cons, right?

Anyway, I'm extremely glad this condo has been rented, since all plans have been up in the air lately and I haven't been able to stick to a routine. I haven't even been on my treadmill all week -- although we've been getting in plenty of walking every time we leave the condo for showings... plus, I seem to be coughing up whatever is left of my lungs, so perhaps I should go easy on the workouts right now...

In fact, maybe I should just take this time to enjoy the view, while I still have the chance... :)

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