Thursday, June 09, 2011

Please stop calling...

So remember the other day when I said that if this place doesn't rent, it's not MY problem, so I don't really care if everything looks perfect? Yeah, I take it all back... I care... I really, really care...

Our condo was officially listed for rent Tuesday night. Yesterday afternoon, the phone must've rung every half hour, with a realtor asking to book a showing. So far, we've had two showings yesterday afternoon (we took the opportunity to take some stuff over to the new condo) and one this morning (we went out to Caribou for coffee -- not a bad way to start the morning). We have two more this afternoon (so we'll be heading back to the new condo with more boxes), three (or four?) tomorrow (which means we have to be out from 10 until 4), and at least two on Saturday. I can't even keep them all straight. I also cringe every time the phone rings, because I'm certain it will be ANOTHER realtor who wants to bring a client by to see the condo.

Now, unlike our big house back in Texas, I don't mind this from a "constantly keeping things clean" perspective -- it's actually not difficult to keep 1100 square feet relatively clean most of the time. However, the seemingly unending disruptions are going to wear on my patience pretty quickly. Apparently there's a really hot condo rental market here in Chicago... back in Austin, we were lucky to average a few showings a week... but here, I can't even keep up with all of them... I keep forgetting when we need to be out of here. We did manage to put our foot down about one detail -- one of the showings yesterday was at 6:15... which meant we either had to eat dinner out, or have a really late dinner (we chose the dinner out -- there are just too many great places to eat in this city... :)). But we requested that a note be placed on the listing that says we will NOT accept any more showings after 5:00. Not to mention the fact that since Rick works from home, it's hard for him to just pick up and leave at any random time.

And this is all why, when the phone started its incessant ringing yesterday, I began to clean this condo as I've never cleaned it before. Because I'm just not sure how long I can stand vacating the premises four times a day when I have boxes to pack and laundry to clean and blog posts to write. So I take it back -- I DO care if this condo rents... in fact, I'd like it to rent IMMEDIATELY. Please.

And how could it not rent right away with a view like this???

And this morning's cloudy, slightly spooky non-existent skyline:

C'mon, skyline... THAT is not going to convince renters... :)


G said...

Time for an answering machine.

Lisa said...

I've let many of the calls go to voicemail, but if you don't call them back to confirm or change the time, they'll just show up anyway. I'm just trying to remember that it's only a few more weeks... :)