Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Welcome to the world...

Just got back from meeting my new nephew, Connor. He arrived about three weeks early, and only weighs in at 5 pounds 4 ounces... but he's healthy and strong and can already make a touchdown sign with his arms, so he's obviously a football fan. He's pretty awesome.

He's even tinier in person than he looks in pictures... and it occurred to me, as I was holding him, that he only weighs about half as much as Riff... (Eric suggested we put a little saddle on Riff and let Connor ride around on him... and Riff is so laid-back that he MIGHT actually allow that...)

I kept patting his hair... I couldn't help it -- it's so soft! And he has so much of it!

 Okay, Lisa... Step. Away. From the baby hair.

Connor has already requested that I make him cookies... although I have a suspicion that his dad will be eating them. But still -- how can I refuse? Besides, I wouldn't mind some cookies, myself... and I figure "Connor wanted cookies" will be a great excuse to make cookies in the future... right? :)


Mom said...

Funny, he told me earlier today that he wanted an apple pie. :-)

Great pictures!

G said...

Congratulations Auntie Lisa! :D

Lisa said...

Mom -- Funny how Connor already knows that he likes cookies and apple pie... hmmmm... But I'm still planning to make some tomorrow, since he asked. :)

G -- Thanks!! :)