Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I just saw a comment on another blog, referring to the amazing sight of a jar of cookie-flavored peanut butter, and the commenter said that she "literally died and went to heaven" when she saw the picture. This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine -- "literal" means LITERAL. It means that whatever you're talking about, it actually HAPPENED in reality. In this case, it means that the commenter ACTUALLY died and went to heaven. This person is now dead. Dead because of a picture of a jar of peanut butter. How tragic and strange...

Anyway... look at this picture:

It looks like a big pile of bedding and towels ready to be washed, right?

But look again:

See anything strange?

How about now:

Yeah, Piva decided it would be a good idea to burrow into the middle of the towels and hide for a while. Needless to say, I didn't get my laundry done in as timely a manner as I had hoped... I still haven't re-made the bed. But c'mon -- I couldn't just evict her from that cozy little hideout, could I? She looked so comfy... and I suspect that she felt like all those towels were good camouflage to protect her from crazy Riff.

I have eaten approximately 4,376 Christmas cookies today. And I've already been informed by several people who were also in possession of my cookies that I need to make more. More cookies will be coming, adoring cookie fans!! (By the way,  I really appreciate that so many people like my cookies... maybe I should start charging for these things... Or at least Eric -- I should charge Eric. :))

Okay, while I'm on my Christmas-cookie-sugar high, I should go make the bed that still needs to be made...


Mom said...

I SO agree with you about people using the word "literally". AAA has an ad on TV where the woman says she called AAA, and their savings were so good that "I literally fell off my chair". I doubt very much she really fell on the floor! That drives me crazy!

I LOVE the Piva pictures!!

LL Cool Joe said...

Ha ha, that photo is so damn cute!! I literally laughed out loud!

Ok that was a lie, but at least if I had, I wouldn't die.