Wednesday, March 14, 2012

When there are no words...

... Lisa posts pictures! Yesterday we had the chance to see Faisal's new condo up in Lincoln Park, just a couple blocks from where we used to live before we bought this place. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't totally jealous, because he stole my old view. You remember my view, right? No? Maybe this will refresh your memory:

Or how about this:

Or maybe this?

Surely THIS one will jostle your memory:

And I'm certain this one will look familiar:

Or this?

How about this one:

Okay, I give up.

It's not like I was abnormally obsessed or anything...


Mom said...

You guys will just have to go visit Faisal (or us) and get your "view fix" once in a while. :-) You do have a very nice condo! So you traded the view for brick walls. I love your brick walls!

Lisa said...

Oh, I love this condo, too -- it has a lot of character, and it's much more "me" than any of the other places we looked at. I just don't have as many reasons to bring out the camera here... :)