Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Can you blame me?

A few days ago, Faisal sent me this iPhone 5 "promo" video, which spoofs the fact that people use their phones to take way too many pictures of food:

Hehehe... that is hilarious... :) I'm sure the proliferation of food blogs has had something to do with the use of phones for food photography... and social media, of course. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (I don't even know what Pinterest IS exactly... and I have no interest in Pinterest) -- they are all rife with photos of whatever everyone is eating at any particular time.

And I'll admit it -- I've been guilty of this myself. Just a couple months ago, I posted this picture to Facebook of the Belgian waffle I had at a restaurant called Brunch one morning:

(By the way, I would like it to be known that I actually ATE some of those seed-covered strawberries on top. They looked really good... and they were buried under whipped cream... so I just powered through the seeds and somehow managed to survive... :))

And the funny thing is, just like that video suggested, as soon as I posted this picture on Facebook, the comments started pouring in. It's just a silly picture of my breakfast, but all of a sudden everyone was like, "mmmmm waffles!!"

But when I look through the pictures on my phone, it's not food that gets the most attention. No... in true Crazy Cat Lady fashion, my phone is filled with photos of this guy:

My sphinx cat...

Who loves being a city dweller...

And has recently decided that the best place to sleep is UNDER the quilt on the bed...

Stalking his favorite toy in the known universe (I think that thing used to be a fluffy green mouse, but he has completely destroyed it and turned it into nothing more than a pile of unraveled yarn... and he LOVES that thing)...

And I feel bad that I have so many pictures of Riff on my phone and not many of Piva... but it's only because Riff is the more active of the two. Piva, more often than not, is asleep in her favorite spot in front of the window. Of course, once in a while, I get a picture of her, too:

Which Riff promptly photo-bombs... :)

So maybe I SHOULD take more pictures of my food, before I turn into an even crazier cat lady?? I'm obviously already pretty crazy -- I mean, I actually ATE strawberries... :)

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Mom said...

I love the picture of Riff with his paws crossed. Actually, I love all of them. He sure is photogenic! Piva would be, too, if you could ever get her to stay in one place long enough.