Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm baaaaaack...

Wait, could it be? Another blog post?? Are those NEW words on Lisa's blog page??

Yes, yes, it is I -- the Frequently Absent Blogger. :) We just got back from a week in Austin, where we hung out at mom and dad's place, met up with friends, wore t-shirts in the warm weather, and ate WAY too much food. And on Thanksgiving, we drove out to the middle of nowhere -- that's where Rick's sister Jen lives. (Okay, technically, it's called Red Rock, and since it's only about an hour away from Austin I suppose it's not literally the middle of nowhere... but it certainly feels that way when you're there. :))

This does LOOK like the middle of nowhere, right? (Although my view at the present moment is a busy street, concrete sidewalks, and skyscrapers, so I'm really not one to judge... :))

Jen has a bunch of horses (plus a donkey, chickens, and a couple dogs), so we all made friends...

But I was REALLY surprised by this:

Yes, that's MOM on a horse... (and our niece Ali behind her... but seriously -- where did my real mom go?? :))

Dad decided to try it out, too... but apparently to get a good picture, he needed some temporary help from me and Jen's husband, Larry. (I love how the donkey is peeking out from behind Larry...)

Group shot (minus mom and dad, who must've been busy with the horses... :)).

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!


G. B. Miller said...

Very cool way to spend Thanksgiving.

And inadvertantly, I think you came up with a new name for your blog:

"Journal of The Frequently Absent Blogger".


Lisa said...

LOL... that actually WOULD be a great blog name! :)

LL Cool Joe said...

I have to admit you look a wee bit nervous around that horse? :D

Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving. I don't think you are that absent!

Lisa said...

Thanks, Joey! :)

Actually, I'm pretty comfortable around horses -- my aunt had horses when I was growing up, and I have many a childhood memory of feeding horses/riding horses/playing in the barn, etc. My brother and I even attended a horsemanship camp one summer when we were kids -- that was probably one of my favorite summers ever. :)

I would've ridden a horse on Thanksgiving myself, but I was wearing very impractical shoes for horse-riding and a nice pair of jeans... but don't ask me why I wore nice jeans to a dusty farm in central Texas... :)