Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mom's Day!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! :) I hope the weather in your respective places of residence is as nice as the weather here today – sunny, cloudless, 77 degrees. Very springy…

So speaking of kids (in a roundabout way, since I was talking about moms)… last night we were settling back into our house after a grocery shopping trip – I was stocking the fridge and the pantry with gold, silver and precious jewels (I mean, that’s what I’m ASSUMING we bought, considering the final monetary total – food prices really HAVE gone up…) and Rick was sitting on the couch, playing with his new toy (an iPod Touch – like an iPhone without the phone…). And just as I was trying to decide what I should make for dinner, the doorbell rang. So Rick answered it – it was a couple kids from the neighborhood, who were having a scavenger hunt. They needed a band aid. And hey, we HAD a band aid – so sure, why not help out the cute adorable children and their fun little game? Rick got the band aid, gave it to the kids, and that was that.

But of course that COULDN’T be the end of it. Not two minutes later, the doorbell rang again, and two more kids stood on our porch. This pair was looking for an old birthday card. Um, nope, we didn’t have one of those. So we sent them on their way…

And then the doorbell rang AGAIN. Did we have any old ticket stubs?

And AGAIN. A package of ketchup from a fast food restaurant?

And AGAAAAAAAIN – and it was at this point that we’d decided we would no longer answer the stupid door every time the bell rang. Except those crafty, nosy little children decided to stand on our porch with their faces pressed up against the glass window, searching the house for human occupants. And Rick made the mistake of moving an arm or a leg, at which point the kids abandoned the doorbell altogether and simply pounded their fists on the door. (Seriously? Is the completion of a scavenger hunt really THAT urgent?)

I finally realized that our garage door had been open, which is really like a big sign that says “someone is home.” So I closed the garage door, Rick moved away from the line of sight from the front door, and we managed to successfully ignore the next doorbell or two. I can understand kids wanting to have some fun, and a scavenger hunt is probably an entertaining way to pass some time… but c’mon – where are the adults to supervise the execution of the game? You can’t have fifteen different kids going to the same house over and over again – how about dividing up the “search area” between different groups of kids? Or did these kids just take it upon THEMSELVES to organize a scavenger hunt?

I suppose I shouldn’t complain TOO much. At least they were running around outside and not parked in front of the TV or computer… :)

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Anonymous said...

you and rick have contributed to the crisis facing our world today, kids! now those poor, poor kids you ignored have decided to take up another adventure. the adventure of "let's try drugs". that's right!! you just helped increase the drug use among kids all because of a little doorbell chiming every now and then. is it annoying? absolutely it is. but maybe you could have gone down the street for a day inside the quiet gated community where the fortress gate will not let you out. then maybe the youth of america would have been spared! the poor children of texas will never be the same. at least you realized you left your garage door open. so i hope the rest of your day was good. talk to you later.