Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dance like no one's watching...

So this afternoon, we met mom and dad for lunch at Which Wich – which (not to throw another “which” in there, but it’s appropriate) is my new favorite sandwich shop. I’m not usually much of a sandwich shop person – it seems they never offer enough in the way of vegetarian fare. And it’s not that I’m a vegetarian – I don’t mind meat now and then – but as I’ve mentioned many times, I’m an extremely PICKY meat eater. And sandwich shops usually use just about the lowest quality meat you can find – those strange, thinly-sliced, “loaf” meats. Meat is not supposed to come in a loaf. BREAD comes in a loaf. Not meat. It’s just so unnatural…

But Which Wich offers a plethora (yes, that’s right – an entire PLETHORA) of vegetarian sandwiches. So not only can I order something completely void of bizarre deli mystery meat, but I can order something DIFFERENT every time I go.

Of course, the advantages of the sandwich shop are neither here nor there… the point is, we met mom and dad for lunch today. And everyone except me ordered a BLT. While we were eating, Rick said something about “that place in New Jersey that had the good BLTs,” and the rest of us were trying to figure out what restaurant he was talking about. It was in Newton… it had an ice cream counter on one side… we used to go there pretty often… it was kind of an old building… Eventually, I realized which restaurant Rick was talking about, but I couldn’t think of the name of the place. “Wasn’t there something about a hat?” I mused, thinking it may have been named after a bowler or a fedora or a beret. My mom recalled that there’d been hats on the walls – they had hats on the walls like sconces. And when my mom mentioned the hats, my dad suddenly realized which restaurant we’d all been attempting to remember.


Yes, the name of the restaurant was Memories. And we couldn’t remember it. Well THAT’S ironic… :)

On a completely different subject – for some reason, I LOVE this video. (I tried to figure out how to post it on the blog, but I kept getting error messages… so you’ll just have to click on the link…) I saw it yesterday, and watched it three times in a row. And why, exactly? It’s just a guy doing a nerdy sort of dance in various places around the world. But there’s something ridiculously engaging about it… Rick and I were talking yesterday about how depressing the news usually is – how you can barely turn on the news or check out without feeling like the world is spiraling into a pit of despair. And then you watch something silly and innocuous like the “Dancing Matt” video, and it makes you realize – or it makes ME realize, at least – that there’s so much less “us” versus “them” in the world than we’re conditioned to believe. It’s not us versus them… more often than not, it’s just plain US. No matter what country we’re from, or which religion we cling to, or what kind of clothes we wear, or what language we speak – we can ALL dance like crazy people when a camera is rolling. Gosh, I love that video… :)


Anonymous said...

well you could have asked the nj housecat whom you seem to ignore. i thought you love us cats. apparently only those who show affection towards you. well this cat will not take it lying down. i would have told you memories has gone through six other names since your stay in nj. well hope all is well in texas.


Lisa said...

Well of COURSE I love you cats... :) And yeah, we were trying to think of some of the other names "Memories" has had, but Memories is the only one that has stuck in our memories... You'd better be around next week so we can come and see all the stuff you've done to our house! :)