Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Nothing much to say...

My mind has been discombobulated for a few days, so how about some random thoughts? (“Yippee! Random thoughts!” That’s what I imagine everyone is thinking right now… :))

First off, I have to say – “discombobulated” is a funny word.

Okay, would somebody PLEASE fix the Yankees? And what’s the deal with Joba finally getting a start, only for Girardi to pull him out after a measly 62 pitches? I could’ve made it to 62 pitches. Although I’m sure he would’ve been out by the seventh inning anyway, no matter what – and that’s when most of the damage was done. Still, I think Joba should’ve gotten more of a chance. What’s the worst that could’ve happened? We would’ve lost 10 to 3 instead of 9 to 3?? (Eric, you are sooooooo slacking with the Yankee voodoo… how are those opposing-team-pitcher voodoo dolls coming along?)

My crazy fireplace-dwelling cat Piva has turned out to be quite the exterminator. I’ve discovered that she likes to chase, play with, and finally EAT any little bugs she finds in the house. I’m not sure whether to be disgusted, or just grateful that she finds them before I do…

I just read this ridiculous little blurb on Yahoo about how Sarah Jessica Parker was upset because the dress she wore to the Sex and the City premiere had already been worn by a couple OTHER celebrities to OTHER events. (OH MY GOSH!!! NOOOOOOO!!!) Seriously?? THIS is what celebrities get upset about? A dress that someone else has worn in another place at another time??? Sheesh, if I’m supposed to be getting upset about stuff like that, I’d better stop buying my jeans at Gap. I’m pretty sure other people are wearing the EXACT SAME JEANS that I’m wearing right now, at this EXACT MOMENT. I am mortified. (I mean, c’mon – if THIS is the kind of stuff celebrities actually worry about, well, it must be nice…)

It has been way too hot the last couple weeks. Before we’d even hit June we’d already had a couple 100 degree days. And that’s just stupid.

So I watched The Little Mermaid a few days ago. For research purposes. No, really – I’m writing some Disney movie-based stories… a project that Jen up in Chicago was kind enough to toss my way (thanks Jen!! :)). And something struck me as I watched the movie – which, I believe, came out back in 1989. Animated movies TODAY are so much different. And it’s not just the animation itself – because computer animation has pretty much taken over – but also the stories. It seems like every animated movie I’ve seen lately is deliberately created to be enjoyed not JUST by kids, but by adults, too. There are moments in every “kid’s” movie that kids aren’t going to “get.” Things that are obviously thrown in for the adults. Whether it’s a joke that goes right over the heads of little kids, or a reference to something “old” that kids haven’t heard about yet – all the animated movies seem to be like that. But The Little Mermaid was pretty exclusively kid-friendly.

The other day, I tried that new “double-shot on ice” drink at Starbucks. And I have to say – THAT is what you want to drink when you need to stay awake for a while. I’m pretty sure I was bouncing off the walls for a couple hours after I drank it. I think I want another one…

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today… Coherent thoughts will return shortly… :)

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