Friday, July 18, 2008

Random stuff...

The other day, someone asked me what was in my head. Probably meant to be more of a “what’s up?” than anything else… but it got me thinking – what IS in my head? The answer to that question changes daily, of course. But right NOW, here are the snippets of thought I’ve managed to draw out:

Hey, the FDA has cleared tomatoes for consumption once again! I’m glad, especially since I really never stopped eating tomatoes to begin with. And every time I made the rash decision to partake of a raw tomato, I would anxiously monitor my stomach for the next 48 hours, waiting for symptoms of salmonella.

Speaking of tomatoes – I never used to like tomatoes. In fact, I really sort of hated them. It’s only been the last few years that I’ve started to enjoy tomatoes. And I still don’t like them by themselves – but I’ve found that a tomato on a sandwich no longer repulses me. One of my favorite sandwiches at the Spicy Pickle is called the Roma – sliced tomatoes with basil and mozzarella. Yum.

Okay, okay – I might as well say it – I like that Miley Cyrus song “See You Again.” Yeah, that’s right – I like it. So what if she’s only fifteen or sixteen years old and she’s Hannah Montana… I like her ridiculously catchy song, all right? And now everyone can laugh at me just like Rick did when I was dancing to it in the car on the way home from dinner tonight…

And speaking of ridiculously catchy songs, why do those Free Credit commercials have to be darn catchy? I mean, seriously, I should not be able to write this down from memory:

They say a man should always dress for the job he wants,
So why am I dressed up like a pirate, in this restaurant?
It’s all because some hacker stole my identity
Now I’m in here every evening serving chowder and iced tea.
Should’ve gone to free credit report dot com (yeehaw!),
I would’ve seen this coming at me like an atom bomb.
They monitor your credit and send you email alerts,
So you don’t end up selling fish to tourists in t-shirts.

That’s just not right…

I have to get my driver’s license renewed. I should’ve done it already, because it expires on Sunday… which also happens to be my birthday… my 26th birthday…

How cool are the tiny little apartments they have in Tokyo? I’m watching a show about them on National Geographic. Quite interesting, really. It’s amazing how much they can squeeze into a tiny place. It kind of makes me wonder why we have such huge houses here in America. I guess all the extra space is nice, but there’s something to be said for living simply and in a minimalistic fashion. Actually, Eric is pretty good with that – Eric, you should move to Tokyo. Because then I’d have a reason to visit Tokyo a couple times a year…

Oh, and I have to post this picture for dad, who asked me to take a picture of the new Yankee Stadium:

And that’s pretty much what’s in my head… (tonight, anyway… :))


mom said...

Hey Lisa,

Twenty-six, huh?? I kind of like that. That makes me only . . . well, never mind.

Happy (early) Birthday!

I love you!


Anonymous said...

the stuff in your head is a lie if u think u r 26. so where is the cool nyy pix with me.


Lisa said...

Hey, I think 26 works quite well for everyone... :)

I have to find that picture from the game -- I only downloaded the pictures from my tiny little purple camera... the rest of them are on Rick's computer, but I haven't put them on mine yet... maybe I should go do that...