Monday, July 28, 2008

My kind of town...

So it looks like the possibility of moving to Chicago is back on the table. Several jobs have opened up, and Rick is cautiously optimistic that one of them will work out for him. I, on the other hand, am taking the “never gonna happen” approach. I would much rather assume that I’m staying here, and then be surprised with the news that I definitely AM moving to Chicago, than once again assume I’m moving to Chicago, only to be disappointed when it doesn’t happen. I’ve already been disappointed twice… I am not letting THAT happen again. Besides, we JUST moved into this house a few months ago. A move to Chicago would mean I’d have to box up everything I just managed to unpack. How silly would THAT be? (See, it’s like reverse psychology… no, no, I don’t want to move to Chicago… it would be such a silly thing to move to Chicago… I’ll just stay right here in the Texas Oven, thank you very much.)

Speaking of Chicago – we saw The Dark Knight last weekend, and I really liked how obvious it was that the whole thing was filmed in Chicago. I mean, they didn’t even TRY to make it look like another city. Sure, they CALLED it “Gotham,” but there was no mistaking the Chicago River, or the Hotel Monaco, or the lower level of Wacker Drive. And it was quite interesting to finally see the completed scene we saw them shooting about a year ago (right down the street from the Hotel Monaco). Actually, “scene” really isn’t the right word… it was more like two seconds of screen time. If you see the movie, it’s at the very beginning, when they turn on the bat signal spotlight, and they show a police officer walk to his car and look up toward the sky, as if he’s looking at the spotlight. It’s about two seconds of the movie – but that two seconds literally took them two HOURS to film… complete with dozens of extraneous crew members hanging around doing absolutely nothing, and about six extras who were cut out of the scene completely. It was rather ridiculous, now that I’ve seen the finished product.

(You know, it’s really hard to type when Piva wants to lay on the keyboard… just a random thought…)

Anyway, IF the Chicago thing manages to work out, we’ll have to contact the realtor we were working with back when we were so certain we’d be moving. Her name is Debbie, and she’s great… she travels around the world to compete in triathlons, and she’s addicted to coffee, and her car is a total disaster area, and she wears stiletto boots when there’s a foot of snow on the ground. She also finds EXACTLY the kinds of properties you want to look at, and shuttles you around in a no-nonsense, let’s-get-this-done kinda way. She’s awesome.

But like I said, we’re not really going to Chicago. No way. Not gonna happen. And that’s what I’ll keep telling myself unless I hear otherwise… :)

Did they REALLY need all those people for two seconds of film???

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