Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday random thoughts...

I accidentally missed the season premiere of one of my favorite new shows from last year – Chuck – when it was on last Monday. And I got lucky when I noticed that “Pushing Daisies” – another one of my favorites from last year – was starting up again. I managed to Tivo that one. But I’ll have to find Chuck online and watch it before next week. The problem, of course, is that the stupid writer’s strike completely threw off the entire television season last year. So we ended up with these great shows that aired about eight episodes before they ran out of material, and then they just disappeared into oblivion for months and months. How was I supposed to remember that Chuck was back on the air, when I’d gotten so used to watching reruns of “Family Guy” and “The Office” on TBS every night because of the lack of original programming?

So I’ve been seeing these ads lately for a show called “Good Day Austin” – which is like Austin’s version of Good Morning America, I suppose. In the commercials, they go out on the streets downtown and ask people about New York – “Do you know what the weather is like in New York today? Are you a Yankee fan?” – and the people, of course, answer with, “no… who cares… I’m a Rangers fan…” etc. And then the ad ends with, “don’t watch news about New York! Watch news about Austin!” But clearly these people never asked ME any of these questions, because I would say, “New York? Oh yeah, it’s sunny and about 65 degrees there today – doesn’t that sound nice? And I LOVE the Yankees! Thanks for asking!!” Some of us actually LIKE watching the news from New York, because it makes us feel nostalgic and wistful… and it makes us look forward to the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Center, which is only a couple months away… (what?? Do I have to start my Christmas shopping already???)

Eric is here for a visit this weekend… which is funny, because Rick and I are actually driving up to Chicago on Sunday. (But then Eric flies back on Monday, so we’ll see him up there, too… unless he tries to hide somewhere and pretends like he’s not home when we show up at his condo…) We’re driving up to Chicago so Rick will have his own car up there – we’d be moving it up eventually anyway, and this way he doesn’t have to rent a car every single time he flies up. Plus, he’ll be able to keep some of his stuff in the car – like full size toiletry bottles, instead of those tiny little travel-sizes you need for carry-ons – so he won’t have to pack as much when he leaves every Monday. He negotiated a good deal with a hotel that has covered parking, so he can keep the car at the hotel even when he’s back in Austin. So I’m going up this week just for the fun of it, which means I’ll probably be totally bored most of the day… but the hotel has a gym and a pool and a Starbucks, so hopefully I can waste a little bit of time…

Well, that’s about it for today… have to head out now to take the car to a tire place to get new tires… Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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