Thursday, October 02, 2008


A foodie friend of mine, who writes under the pen name Arthur J. Stern, recently started reviewing restaurants for an online paper (which, I guess, isn't actually a "paper," since there's no paper involved) -- okay, an online publication. His column is called Stern Eats, and you can find it at I've been proofreading these articles, so if anyone finds any mistakes, please don't point them out... I must tenaciously hold on to my misconception that I am perfection personified. (I don't REALLY think that... in case anyone thinks I'm being serious... :)) And if you happen to live in the Northern New Jersey area, definitely check out some of Arthur's restaurant picks -- every time I read one of those reviews, I end up hungry. I was especially intrigued by the "roasted garlic ice cream" mentioned in one of the columns. (Garlic? In ice cream? Hey, if it's good enough to keep vampires away, it's good enough for ice cream... Right?) :)


Arthur J. Stern said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the "advertisement" and kind words. Next time your in NJ, I'll fix you the meal of your choice...I'll hold the strawberry seeds and go heavy on the chocolate.

Rick said...

Wow... you can hold strawberry seeds?

Lisa said...

Awesome! I would love it if someone could hold the strawberry seeds for me. :)