Monday, May 10, 2010

Am I weird...

...because I don't like hamburgers or any other sort of "ground up" meat, and honestly think veggie burgers taste about 100 times better than the "real" thing?

...because I took a purple marker out of a box of purple markers on the office supply shelf at work, just because "I want a purple marker!" but not because I'll ever actually use it?

...because I've never embraced the use of "y'all" as an acceptable way to refer to people, yet I wholeheartedly believe that "you guys" is fine, even in a room full of women?

...because I keep about fifteen various tubes of lip balm in random places around my house (and that's not an exaggeration)?

...because I hate talking to strangers on the phone, even more than talking to them in person?

...because I think it's absolute lunacy that it's become "offensive" to be a proud American... IN AMERICA?

...because I think my brother is just the coolest guy ever, and I don't even know the meaning of the words "sibling rivalry"? (Except when it comes to who's the favorite... but we all know it's me...)

...because I hate carrots but love carrot cake?

...because nine times out of ten, I'd rather watch an action flick than a chick flick?

...because I find myself worrying about not blogging enough, therefore I must resort to the randomness that has appeared here lately???

Well, stay tuned, because this weekend I'm heading to the Big Island of Hawaii, where I'm hoping to have many lazy, free hours to blog to my heart's content. There will be exciting stories of intrigue, hilarious anecdotes, and beautiful pictures... Okay, maybe just the pictures. I will definitely have pictures.

Traveling usually affords a decent story or two, though, so I'll see what I can come up with. In the meantime, if I happen to stumble upon inspiration and discover a few minutes to post again this week, I shall... Oh, yes... I shall... (forgive me, I'm tired... :)) 


Anonymous said...

things I agree with:

your brother is the coolest guy ever : ) no contest

I love carrot cake! but force myself to take carrots in my lunch everyday

Purple is my favorite color so I would take the marker too

It must be a sibling thing because Eric has about 15 tubles of lip balm too around his house

Have fun in Hawaii!! tell everyone I say hi


Lisa said...

Hi Rachel!! Cool -- I didn't know your favorite color was purple! Mine is too -- that's why I took the purple marker... ha! :) I've met so few people whose favorite color is purple... it's like the ignored, forgotten color...

Wish you guys could come to Hawaii with us! Hopefully next time... :)

Rick said... are weird. But I love you for it and would take your "weird" over anyone else's normality any day!!!



p.s. my word verification was mentsup. Now THAT'S weird and I don't want to know what's in it...