Monday, September 13, 2010

Random randomness...

Why, oh why, does the weekend always escape my vice-like grip without so much as a struggle? It doesn't even have to try... one moment I have it, held securely between arms that have been toned and strengthened by months of P90X... and the next, it slips away like water -- as if all the power in the world means nothing to that weekend. Insolent weekend -- one day I shall capture you.

I have nothing of substance today, and you know what THAT means: random thoughts!!! :)

1) The rain has stopped and the floods are receding, and we escaped with nothing more than a small leak through one of the vents in our roof. I was slightly panicked when I saw water dripping onto the upstairs hallway floor, but after Rick intrepidly explored the attic to find the source of the leak, it was discovered that the water was NOT coming in through the roof (which was our fear), but rather through a vent, where it dripped down a metal pipe and ended up collecting by the air filter vent in our ceiling. It was probably just so much rain and wind that the vent didn't stand a chance...

2) Also, speaking of the rain... there's a park across the street with a bunch of baseball fields where little league teams play, and the entire park is underwater. It's become something of a tourist attraction, with people turning into the park entrance just to gawk at the brand-new lake. What's more upsetting than the water, though, is the trash that keeps emerging as the water recedes. Cans, bottles, boxes, random paper -- I HOPE that all of that was in garbage cans in the park and it all spilled out when it flooded... however, I know how people are, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if it was all tossed out by motorists in passing cars... For some reason, some people find it extremely difficult to wait five or ten minutes to get to a destination where they can throw their trash away. (And this seems to be especially true for cigarette butts...)

3) A co-worker was talking about her bad eyesight today, and it made me wonder -- how did I end up with such bad eyesight? My mom is a bit nearsighted (her eyesight has never been anywhere near as bad as mine), and my dad is farsighted. Eric has perfect eyesight, and Bob (who is eight years older than I am) has only RECENTLY needed glasses. I've needed glasses since I was 11. How did this happen?? Thank goodness for contact lenses... (and yes, Rick, I know your eyes are great since you got Lasik... I'm just not quite ready to stick my eyeball under a laser yet... :))

4) Riff was "fixed" on Friday (although how could such adorable cuteness ever be "broken"?? :)). I've read that once male cats are neutered, they calm down a little bit and act less aggressive. No more kitty testosterone to feed the craziness. Riff, however, seems to be acting the same as always -- still jumping onto Piva's back when she least suspects it, still pawing at the blinds in the bedroom when we're trying to sleep, still (sometimes literally) bouncing off the walls with energy. Sigh... maybe he'll calm down once he's older... which I hope happens soon -- we need a good night's sleep. :)

5) I made "African sweet potato soup" for dinner -- a recipe out of Shape magazine (or was it Fitness??). It was nice and simple -- garlic and onion, cubed potato and sweet potato, some chicken broth, some canned diced tomatoes, cinnamon, cumin, curry, salt, and... the secret ingredient (okay, it wasn't literally "secret" since it was listed in the recipe -- but it's one of those things you wouldn't think of adding), a dollop of chunky peanut butter. It was soooooo good. I love recipes that call for throwing everything into a single pot and just simmering until done. Another recipe to add to my repertoire...

I guess that's about it for now -- it's almost 8 o'clock... my brain is about to shut down for the night. :) Hope everyone is having a good week!

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