Sunday, October 03, 2010

Brrrr... sort of...

I am loving the weather here today -- sunny, not a cloud in the sky, and the high was only about 75 degrees. In fact, when Rick and I headed out to the Domain around 11 this morning for brunch, it was almost (ALMOST) cold... it was definitely a bit chilly. I mean, maybe not like Montana "coat-and-scarf" chilly:

And definitely not Chicago "coat-scarf-hat-gloves-I-wish-I-had-something-to-cover-my-face" chilly:

(Chicago "I-wish-I-had-something-to-cover-my-face-I-guess-I'll-use-my-scarf" chilly:)

No, it was not THAT chilly here today... but it WAS close to long-sleeved shirt weather. In fact, for a few minutes this morning, as we walked around the Domain to waste some time before our table at the Steeping Room was ready, I was actually wishing I'd brought a sweater. (This wish dissipated once we'd walked a mile-long lap around the shopping center... I warmed up pretty quickly...)

The weather inspired me to buy some fall-scented candles on the way home, which are now lit and filling the air with waxy pumpkin pie/apple cider smells. I love when there's finally a detectable "change" in the seasons here...

Now I wonder what the odds are of a white Christmas this year? Hmmmm... I can hope... ;)


G said...

75 is chilly?

Man, you've been living in Texas for too long.

'Twas mid 60's yesterday (10/3) here in Connecticut.

Lisa said...

Actually, the "chilly" part of the day was in the morning, when it was around 64 or 65... then it warmed up to 75 in the afternoon. But yes, I HAVE been in Texas too long, because I'm not sure I should be desperate for a sweater when it's 65 degrees outside... :)

Aunt Carol said...

It gets down to the 40's here at night now. 65 is shorts and t-shirt weather for us. We got thick blood! :-)

Cute pictures!