Friday, July 01, 2011

Goodbye, skyline...

I took these the morning the movers showed up -- which was, of course, a perfect, sunny, cloudless day, so I was quite aware of the great view I was leaving behind. :)

But hey, now I'm much closer to the Hancock Building:

Unfortunately, I lose my view of the Sears Tower and Trump Tower. Oh well -- if I REALLY want to see them, I'll just head over to mom and dad's place...

We are officially 100 percent out of our rental condo. (I won't say we're 100 percent moved in here, because we still have things in storage that we might bring over... and I don't FEEL like I'm totally moved in, since half our stuff is still in boxes and a lot of it is just strewn randomly all over the living room...)

Funny story -- the realtor for the family who's renting the old condo asked if we would mind if they moved a few of their things over on the 28th (even though their lease didn't start until today), which was the day the movers showed up to move our furniture out of the condo. And we said sure, that would be fine. But the movers ONLY moved our heavy furniture -- we moved our clothes, dishes, etc. ourselves. So even though the condo was about 95 percent empty after the movers left on Tuesday, we still planned to use Wednesday and Thursday to finish the rest of our move. We went over Wednesday morning to pack some things up, and were surprised by how much the new tenants had already moved into the condo.

At dinner Wednesday night, Rick got a strange call from the realtor, who said something like, "the new renters say they're uncomfortable spending the night at the condo, because some of your things are still there." To which he responded, "um, yeah, that's because it's still OUR condo -- they should NOT be 'spending the night' when we still have two days left on our lease." We assumed the matter was cleared up, and then after dinner we headed back to the old condo to pack up a few more things.

So imagine our surprise when we turned the key, opened the door, and an entire family was sitting in the living room eating dinner. Uhhhh... ooooookay. After we all awkwardly introduced ourselves, they claimed that the realtor told them they could MOVE IN on the 28th. Even though we clearly told the realtor that we needed the next two days to finish moving out, and all we said was that it was fine if they moved some of their possessions into the condo. Somewhere, somehow, the wires got crossed. Needless to say, we packed our stuff up as quickly as we could (much of it piled freely in a precarious mountain of "stuff," simply because we only had two boxes with us...), trying to avoid the occasional stares of the strangers who were now occupying the condo (still rightfully ours). And the worst part? They had the blinds DOWN -- completely cutting off the great view AND the Wednesday night fireworks at Navy Pier... (who WERE those people??? :))

But at least the moving part is over, and the unpacking part can begin. (Because that's the fun part, right? Right???) No pictures of the condo yet, because it's a complete disaster area at the moment. But here's a picture of some creepy, ominous storm clouds that were outside this morning:

And Rick wanted me to mention that this blog was brought to you today by the failure of the hard drive that was powering our Windows television -- he bought a new hard drive this afternoon to get everything up and running again, but at the moment, we have no TV. If we did, it's possible I would be watching something right now, instead of writing a blog post... but I really WAS planning to post something today anyway... honestly! :)


G said...

Sounds like a complaint to the realtor is needed once things settle down for you.

Reading this post reminds me of when I left my last job. Not even a few hours into my three week notice, people were already taking stuff out of my cubicle.

Bulldog said...

The real estate agent was grossly remiss in giving them the keys. If they wanted to move a few things, then he should have accompanied them and taken the keys back.

Then there's the unmitigated nerve of the new tenants.

On the positive side, you'll never have to deal with any of them again.

Enjoy the new condo and forget about them.

Lisa said...

G -- it's amazing how impatient people can be, isn't it?? We'll probably just let it go, now that we're in our new place... but it was definitely an annoyance.

Bulldog -- Thanks! We're loving the new condo so far. The people who moved into our place had two little kids, so we decided to not make a big deal of anything when we walked in on them. (I have a feeling if the kids hadn't been there, my husband would've expressed his opinion more vocally... :)) But yep -- at this point, it's time to just move on...