Thursday, March 13, 2008

A few house pics...

Well, we are officially moved out of our old house – all my furniture has arrived and is in place. I’m especially glad the kitchen table is here, because I was continually worried about banging my head on the low-hanging breakfast area lighting fixture. (In fact, Rick’s dad did just that the other night when he and Rick’s mom were here to see the new house.) I hate it when there’s a hazardous lighting fixture in a house – like one that obviously needs a large piece of furniture underneath it to prevent head injuries.

I spent much of the day yesterday cleaning the old, empty house. It’s rather scary to see the random debris left behind once a refrigerator or washer or dryer is moved. I mean, there were actual dust BUNNIES under my fridge. They had eyes and ears and I’m pretty sure I saw one of them try to hop away when I approached it with a plethora of paper towels. I also ended up sneezing all day long – I guess I was releasing allergens with reckless abandon every time I swept the floor with my Swiffer. Today I’m not sneezing as much, but my legs feel as if I recently finished a strenuous workout… all that crouching on the floor and standing back up did a number on my quads (and to think that I thought all my muscle soreness would subside as soon as I stopped carrying heavy boxes up the stairs…).

So now comes the tedious task of organizing the new house. When I look around at all the boxes sitting in the foyer and the piles of clothes stacked in the closet, it seems like a job that might take a very long time. The kitchen, thankfully, is completely unpacked. I even found a box of unopened glasses in one of my old cupboards – apparently it was a box that made the move from New Jersey back to Texas, and for some reason I just tucked it away in a cabinet and never emptied it. (And no, my old cutting board was NOT in there… I swear I shall not rest until the cutting board has been found…) So now I have about six new (well, actually old) drinking glasses to use.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from the parts of the house that look relatively okay:

The kitchen (well, the clean part... the counter by the sink is still covered with random boxes and stray items that have yet to find a permanent home).

Breakfast area (with cool and previously dangerous lighting fixture...)

Sunroom (which was SUPPOSED to have a seat by the bay window, but they neglected to put it in when they built the house... we might have it added later...)

And this is where Piva spent the first six or so hours the day we moved into the house. The laundry room sink is on the right, and she wedged herself between that and her scratching post. (And now you'd never know she'd been nervous at all... she runs all over the house without a care in her kitty world...)

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