Thursday, March 20, 2008

Life is hard...

It must be really difficult to be a cat... case in point:

Allegro this morning, after she found a nice patch of sun on the couch (apparently she'd been reading a magazine and watching some TV before her nap...)

Later, when the patch of sun moved to the floor, Allegro also moved (and then kept on napping even after the sun kept traveling to the left...)

Aaaaawwwww... c'mon -- how CUTE is that face??

Once Allegro had moved to the floor, Piva decided to steal her napping spot on the couch...

She even baaaaaarely opened her eyes to acknowledge my camera...

Gosh, I'm glad MY life isn't this complicated. :)


mom said...

Awwww! Those pictures are SOOO cute!

Love ya'


evydense said...

I think it's pretty obvious who will be running the new household!! Hope the move went smoothly (or as smooth as can be expected!).

And by the way, after last year's experience, I just KNOW you're going to kick butt in the draft (is it baseball season already???)

A small and bizarre request that I's like to make. I know you drop by blog fairly frequently (more than I've been getting to yours lately....sorry about that...things will change!), but if you can find the time to check out my blog today (Mar23) I'd be most appreciative. You always leave insightful comments, so I hope you do on this one too. I hope I'm not intruding too much, let me know if I am.