Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm walking AND typing...

Eric and Debbie and Patrick and Matthew left yesterday afternoon (on a flight that was delayed a couple hours… they had rather bad luck with airline timeliness on this trip – the flight down here was also delayed. Ah, flying is such fun… :)). Actually, on the subject of fun flights – the day they flew out of Newark was a very windy day. I heard on the weather channel that they were getting gusts of 50 MPH. Not necessarily optimal weather if you happen to be on a plane. And Debbie was saying they were a bit worried because it was Matt’s first time on a plane – and you never know how kids might react, right? So after they’d been delayed several hours, their plane finally took off in the windy weather and began a very bumpy ascent into the heavens. Apparently the first twenty minutes or so was pretty turbulent – until that plane could leave the gusty winds behind, it was destined to be tossed about like a ping pong ball. Many of the travelers on board, I’m assuming, were tightly gripping their armrests (or the knee of the person next to them, which is what Rick always does on plane when there’s turbulence… it can get rather awkward if he happens to be sitting next to someone other than me…). But Matt – the kid who’d never been on a plane before – thought the whole thing was some kind of Six Flags ride. According to Debbie, he was laughing and having a great time and entertaining all the other passengers with his carefree attitude. That’s exactly what every turbulent flight needs – a little kid like Matt who can laugh through all the bumpy parts. :)

So Eric D. requested that I mention how they all went to Sea World on Monday and wore pedometers JUST so they could all brag about how they got more steps than me. (At least that’s what I think they were trying to do…) I think Eric said he ended up with about 12,000 steps… and true, that WAS a higher number of steps than I had on Monday. I only ended up with about 11,000 that day. BUT, that was actually a rather light day for me, as I only walked about 20 minutes on the treadmill in the morning and then never got in a “real” workout in the afternoon. (And did I mention how when we were moving I was averaging about 18,000 steps a day??) Anyway… so yeah, congratulations to all the Sea World people who BARELY managed to accumulate more steps than me for one whole day. (Heehee… just kidding, you guys… I’m sure Shamu was very proud… :))

So now it’s quiet and uneventful around here again, which means I should probably be tackling all of my home organization projects. I think I’ve done a pretty decent job so far, although the closet is still a mess (I’ve made the closet my last priority, since no one really sees it when they come into the house). One thing I really want to do is buy a bunch of frames for some photographs I have that Aimee took. I think it was some sort of college assignment from when she lived in Florida. She attached a note to the back of each picture to describe the photographs… and what I want to do is frame the pictures, and then frame the notes, as well. And then I’ll hang the pictures and the notes together. (If that makes any sense… it’ll be cool once I’m finished… :))

Anyway, I’m off to add some steps to my pedometer… I will not be out-stepped again…

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