Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Random thoughts...

So my fantasy baseball team is (Editor’s note: The rest of this paragraph has been deleted to avoid any fantasy baseball-related jinxes. I’m sure you all understand…)

This morning was the warranty walk-through for our new house. So far, we’ve been pretty happy with everything – we could hardly think of any problems to point out to the warranty guy. There’s a rattling fan upstairs, and a bit of weather stripping is falling off one of the windows in the garage, and the garage door opener needs to be adjusted because it tends to lurch when it’s opened… but other than that, we haven’t really had any problems with this house. It seems to be much more carefully constructed than the last house we owned. Of course, I have a theory that they spent more time on the quality of this house because we backed out of our contract at first – they THOUGHT they would have to put it up for sale and find a buyer, so I’m sure they wanted to make sure everything was as well-constructed as possible. (Although now that the warranty guy has been by, I’m sure the house will start falling apart…)

So I read on CNN that something like 35 or 36 people were shot in Chicago over the weekend. Interestingly enough, Eric was off work and in New Jersey at the time. Therefore, I must conclude that Eric is the backbone of the Chicago police force, and without him, they completely fall apart. (That IS the only logical conclusion, right? :))

Oh, happy Earth Day, everyone! Yea, Earth! It’s the coolest planet ever (except, apparently, when it’s slowly growing too warm)! I was just watching a show on National Geographic, and someone made the comment that “we don’t live on a green earth – we live on a blue earth.” You know, because most of the planet is covered in water. So… should we be “going blue” then, instead of going green? I mean, if the idea behind all the conservation and environmental consciousness and recycling is to save the ENTIRE planet (and not just the parts covered by land) then wouldn’t we be going blue?? Hmmm… just food for thought…

And speaking of Earth Day, has everyone seen those bizarre commercials where a liberal and conservative sit on a couch together and talk about taking care of the planet? I saw one yesterday with Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich… but the REALLY bizarre one stars Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson. Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson? Are there any two people on the planet LESS likely to be hanging out on a couch together than Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson? It’s like the weirdest commercial I’ve ever seen… and, to be honest, it does nothing to convince me to take care of the planet… I just want to take that couch they’re sitting on and toss it right into the ocean… and THAT wouldn’t be very environmentally sensitive…

Okay, that’s enough randomness for today… Eric – get back to work so Chicago doesn’t burn down… again…

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Anonymous said...

i want to jinx you. c.c. did so awesome with 11 strikeouts. he is definitely out of his funk, right?
yes, maybe chicago was left unprotected by eric's departure but wouldn't make more sense that eric's hollow threats against the public caught up with him? you know like if he were to say to a little boy carrying an ak47 "if you do that again, i will take you home to mom and see that she punishes you." several months go by and the youth did not get into trouble because eric did not follow through on his consequences. sort of like the consequences people face when they fly back east and do not even text people to say hi!!!!!!!
huh!!! Chicago Cubs rule, eric drools!!