Friday, April 11, 2008

Small accomplishment...

Well, the pitching duel that Rick and I had going last night turned out to be a rather good match-up -- meaning that neither one of our pitchers out-pitched the other. They were practically equal throughout the entire evening, each allowing one run by the time they left the game. Which meant that neither Rick nor I was credited with a win OR a loss -- we both got no-decisions. 21 points for me, and 19 for Rick. (Ha! So really, I DID win! In yer face! Uh, I mean... like I said, good match-up...) :)

So I spent most of today working on a project I've been meaning to start for the last few weeks. We bought a cabinet at Furniture in the Raw (an unfinished furniture store) that we can put a TV on in the work out room. (I've been listening to music on my iPod every time I work out on the treadmill -- which I don't actually mind, to tell the truth. But it IS nice to change things up once in a while.) And since everything at Furniture in the Raw is unfinished, you can either leave it unfinished, pay THEM to finish it, or you can attempt to finish it yourself. I chose the latter.

So here's the cabinet before I stained it:

And here it is after:

Not TOO bad, right? I mean, it's not perfect. I'm sure a professional could've done better. But for my first attempt at staining a piece of furniture, I think it's pretty decent. Plus, it's going in the work out room -- which is a great room for experimental furniture, since we don't really hang out in there with friends or anything.

Of course, now I feel like I've been inhaling toxic fumes all afternoon (oh wait -- I HAVE been inhaling toxic fumes all afternoon!). And I MAY have permanently stained half my left arm in the painting process... I'd better go see if this will come off with a good shower...

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