Sunday, April 06, 2008

Three pitchers... zero points...

Yup… I played those three pitchers yesterday, and they got me a combined total of ZERO points. Negative one, plus negative two, plus three. Zeeeeeeero. And what happened with my team TODAY, you ask? Why, I’ll tell you – another blown save loss. Yippee! Half of what happens in baseball is pure luck – and right now I’m having the WORST luck possible. My team SHOULD be nowhere near as horrible as it’s playing at the moment – so I can only hope that the bad luck will eventually turn to good luck. I mean, if I’m starting out the year with all-around luck this BAD, I have to assume that at some point my entire team will collectively be on fire… uh, figuratively, of course. (Although at this point, I really wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if my entire team, did, in fact, literally catch fire…)

So what’s a girl to do when her fantasy baseball team is sucking as badly as mine is? That’s easy – make “My Team Sucks” Cookies! (Otherwise known as chocolate chip…)

Yes, I was keeping track of my points (or rather, lack of) this afternoon, and I kept glancing over at the remains of the chocolate bunny on my kitchen counter, and eventually I just had a great desire to chop that thing up into hundreds of little chocolate-y pieces and bake them into cookies. Normally, I would have attempted to reign in my chocolate craving and just have a bottle of water and a stick of sugar-free gum… but when I saw that negative 13 blown save loss, I decided a stick of gum wasn’t going to cut it. Nope. Definitely time for cookies.

All I can say is, my team had BETTER start scoring points, because I can’t keep making a batch of cookies every week…

Yum... a My Team Sucks cookie... gosh, I really hope my team keeps playing horribly so I can eat more cookies... (I wonder if reverse psychology works for fantasy baseball??)


mom said...

Well, not that this matters at all, but the cookies sure scored a lot of points with us! They were . . . I mean ARE . . . great!
(Of course there are some left.)

Love ya!

Mom (and Dad)

Anonymous said...

i did not receive the i suck cookies here in nj. must be only available in texas. but u can send me nj sucks cookies.