Thursday, January 07, 2010

How about some random thoughts?

Oh, wretched cedar, why must you torment me with your pollen? Beware, for one day soon I shall procure a chainsaw and remodel my home to include cedar-lined closets...

Ah... cedar season.... I've always thought it was strange that the WORST allergies of the year occur during the winter months here in Austin. Seems like spring and summer would produce more allergy-inducing vegetation, what with all the flowers and grass and weeds that pop up. But I guess cedar trees (like all the ugly live oak trees in this city) just grow all year round and never hit a "dormant" phase... I woke up with a very itchy throat this morning, which is probably my least favorite of all my allergy symptoms. Not that I have a "favorite"... I mean, it's not like I happily skip around town with my Kleenex box, dancing along the city streets as I sneeze my head off. (And by the way, I was, a few days ago, seriously worried that I would LITERALLY sneeze my head off, because I was sneezing so much. Is that possible? Is it possible to sneeze so much that your head literally detatches from the rest of your body and scurries under a bed, in an attempt to protect itself from further abuse?) Wow, that was a rather disturbing image... I shall blame it on the allergies...

Moving on... I have been SO tired this week. I suspect it is partially stress, as I've been seriously stressed out about some things this week. But I'm sure it's also simply an inability to bounce right back into the routine of early-to-bed-and-early-to-rise that is required when I'm regularly working and not enjoying a holiday in Chicago. Oh, I loved enjoying a holiday in Chicago... (And while I meant "holiday" as in Christmas, that sentence ended up sounding rather British, with "holiday" perhaps refering instead to "vacation." I love holidays AND holidays...)

So tonight is the University of Texas/Alabama championship game. We're rooting for UT, of course... except that Rick was born in Alabama, so he's always been a bit of an Alabama fan, too. (But he IS wearing a burnt orange UT shirt today, so I'm thinking he's leaning more towards wanting UT to win... :)) I'm continuing my tradition of making fajitas and homemade pico de gallo for major game days, and we're having my parents and Rick's parents over to eat tonight. (I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday, otherwise I never would've agreed to take the time to make pico and fajitas -- it's amazing how time-consuming it is to cut up a bunch of tomatoes and onions and garlic and cilantro -- and to CLEAN UP afterwards. Actually, I think Rick promised to clean up... yeah, I'm pretty sure Rick is cleaning up... :))

Look what was in the mail when I got home today!

Eric and Rachel got me a subscription to Cooking Light for Christmas! I'm seriously excited to start looking through it to get some new ideas. (By the way, I'm also eating some of the Ghirardelli chocolate Eric and Rachel got me for Christmas... Cooking Light AND chocolate -- either these two really know me well, or they're trying to confuse me... :))

And finally, I have to give a shout out (yes, a shout out -- because that's how I roll...) to my very good friend Cindy, whom I love dearly. Cindy, Nick is the closest thing Rick has to a brother, and YOU'VE always been the closest thing I have to a sister -- so you guys are, without a doubt, our family. When Jordan finally succeeds in taking over the world, I hope he'll allow us to work in the mines and the fields together. :) Praying for you!!

Okay, I'm off to prepare for company and make fajitas! Hook 'em Horns!!

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