Friday, January 22, 2010

Random stuff...

Gee, I was doing so well with my blogging, and now I've been slacking again for more than a week. (Well, I wouldn't say "slacking," exactly. Just busy with other things.) Rick and I were actually quite productive last weekend, and managed to take care of some grocery shopping, picked up some odds and ends at Home Depot, bought some new workout clothes at REI, caught up on laundry, vacuumed the house, changed the burned out light bulb over the porch, cleaned the kitchen... AND I finally took the Christmas tree down. I took all the decorations down a couple weeks ago, but somehow the tree itself managed to stick around. And as much as I enjoyed the feeling of living in a pine forest, it was time for that tree to go back in its box in the garage. (Besides, I have two cats who liked chewing on that thing WAY too much. Plastic pine needles can not be good for a cat's digestive tract... or ANY kind of digestive tract, for that matter...)

And then Monday and Tuesday I was struck down by my most-hated of nemesis-- uh, nemesises? Nemesi? Nemesisen? Nemesisoti? Um, ENEMIES. Yes. I was struck down by my most-hated of enemies -- cedar pollen. (What the heck is the plural of nemesis??? ah, okay, it IS nemesises... my spell check doesn't like that word for some reason. I take it most people speak of merely ONE nemesis as opposed to MANY nemesises...) Anyway... the cedar was rather brutal for a few days, causing me to once again ponder the possibility of literally sneezing my head off... it's not a pleasant prospect...

I'm watching a rerun of Friends, and getting jealous of Monica because she gets to hang out with Ross so much... yes, that's right, I get jealous of fictional characters, okay? It's just dredging up disappointment over my canceled Chicago plans. A year ago, I was looking forward to having lots of time to hang out with MY brother, and plotting all the ways I was going to make his life miserable... mwahahahahaha... (wait, no -- I would never do THAT... :)) I can't believe it's been almost a year since the Chicago rug was pulled out from under us... oh well... a predictable life is a boring life, I suppose. (But I still miss my brother! Love you, E!!)

I had a horribly unproductive workout this morning -- it was one of those days where I just seemed to be devoid of energy and couldn't make my legs work as hard as I wanted them to. So I only managed about two and half miles on the treadmill, and then eked out a couple measley sets of push-ups. By the time I was finished, I felt like a wimpy loser... but at least I did SOMEthing, which is always better than nothing. So maybe I should say I just felt wimpy... a loser wouldn't have even bothered to try, right? Right. :) I made an awesome corn chowder recipe last night (can't give the credit to Cooking Light this time -- I found it in my Shape magazine...), that was only 178 calories per serving. Since we had it for dinner, I ladled out about a serving and a half for each of us, plus added a spring mix/spinach salad for some greens. Good stuff. (And on a side note -- I have recently discovered that I love Cholula hot sauce on just about everything... why did I never try this stuff before??)

Well, I obviously have nothing interesting to share. But I thought I'd better post something, to make sure I'm still trying to keep my "post on the blog more often" resolution. (Hey, I never said I would write more INTERESTING posts... just that I would write more posts... :)) Hope everyone is getting ready for a great weekend!


jingle said...

thank you for sharing your honest thoughts,
getting jealousy is okay,
feeling bad is normal,
but letting it out the way you did today is vital and cool,
you feel better after the writing?

Take care,
You Deserve Happiness.

Cindy Stokes said...

I actually guessed correctly! I was thinking Nemeses, and it came up as correct in mirriam webster online. What dictionary did you use? Sorry about the cancelled plans if I didn't say before. We need to get together soon. I was one of your brother's substitutes for the cruise, maybe I could step in again. :)

Lisa said...

Jingle -- yes, writing things out always makes me feel better! :) Thanks for stopping by!

Cindy -- Duh... I MEANT nemeses, but I think my brain shuts down around 4:30 every afternoon, and after that, there's about a 50/50 chance that whatever I say makes sense. (I guess after a day of proofreading/writing, I refuse to put any more effort into it. :)) So to answer your question, I used the Dictionary of Lisa's Numb Brain...

And yes, we DEFINITELY need to get together soon! Although if you're really gonna take Eric's place, you'll have to shave your head... ;)

Blue Bunny said...

my jannie luvs corn chowdder. and i lieks corn on the cobb.

yoo not a losser at all!! yoo a big big winner.

my jannie sed she nebber wotched frends the show. nebber. the onlee one in amerika who nebber did wotch it. my jannie mostlee was wotching sinefeld.

nise to see yoo!!

-- from my jannies bloging manigir, Blue Bunny