Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Is everyone ready to eat way too much and then sit in front of a TV for hours?? Good! :)

Stuff I am thankful for:

*Family and friends -- this year, I'm especially thankful for my second-favorite-possibly-adopted brother Eric and my beautiful new sister-in-law.

*A move that went about as smoothly as possible, even with: only a week to pack for three different destinations (Vegas, a temporary apartment, and a storage facility); an awesome wedding to attend; a car that was packed too full and had to be completely reorganized and resulted in a few things being left behind; days of too little sleep and too much coffee (what?!? There's no such thing! :)); and a mom who was in the ER and at the hospital for tests the day before the cats were scheduled to be flown up to Chicago.

*And I'm thankful that mom made it to Chicago with the cats and is feeling better! (And hopefully will KEEP feeling better over the next few weeks!) And she made pie today!! :)

*Coffee, chocolate, and gelato (it seems like I've been eating a lot of gelato lately...)

*An almost absolute assurance of snow this year, with a definite possibility of a white Christmas.

*The excitement of a new city and new places to explore.

*Road trips, purple sweaters, online shopping, giant coffee mugs, lip balm, the sound of the ocean (especially when lying on a beach in Hawaii), multi-colored pens, sugarless gum, cool hotels, music, spicy food (and Cholula hot sauce to make previously un-spicy food spicy), sleeping in, hot chocolate with marshmallows, and lists of random thoughts...

*And finally, I'm thankful that no REAL Muppets were harmed in the creation of the pillow that was on our hotel room bed in Las Vegas:

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!

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