Monday, August 15, 2011

Werewolf and Jungle Girl...

My awesome friend Faisal bestowed upon me another Indian music playlist -- 25 songs of a ridiculously addictive nature, which I have been compelled to listen to more than I care to admit over the last few days. The weird thing is, the first listen-through of each song is always the same -- sort of a, "okay, yeah, this is pretty good... not bad..." And then the SECOND listen-through is more like, "oh my gosh, I LOVE this song!! This is the best song EVER! No, wait -- THIS is the best song ever!!" What the heck?? It's like music infused with heroin or something... (Is that possible? Heroin music?? Is there a market on the street for this stuff?)

But I'll get back to Indian music in a minute... first, I must ask: if I think that teenagers are idiots, does that mean I'm getting old? (In my defense, I thought that teenagers were idiots when I WAS a teenager. It's pretty much been my opinion for most of my life...) I ask because over the last two days, I've had a bizarre text message exchange with a girl (who, I'll admit, I'm assuming is a teenager) named Faith, who mistakenly punched in MY phone number when she was attempting to reach a guy named Jacob. I actually ignored the messages last night, which were something along the lines of, "hey jacob this faith kayla gave me ur #." After a couple messages, Faith decided to go ahead and CALL the number, at which point I thought, "okay, as soon as she hears my voicemail and realizes this number belongs to a girl named Lisa, she'll give up..."

But nooooooo... of course not. Around midnight I got "goodnight faithy out." Well, at least she was done for the night. I figured she'd wake up today, meet Kayla and Jacob at Starbucks, and ask Jacob why he kept ignoring her last night. At which point Jacob would explain that he'd never gotten her messages, they would double-check the number, and Faith would realize that she'd been texting the wrong person. The little trio would laugh over their frappuccinos and lament the rapidly approaching school year and gossip about unpopular kids.

So you can imagine my frustration when I got another message around noon today, that once again said something like, "you there jacob this faith." (And by the way, EVERY time this girl said who she was, it was "this faith." I'll let the lack of capitalization slide, because depending on the phone, it can be a pain to capitalize words in mid-sentence. But the lack of "is" was seriously annoying. This Faith?? Who is she, some sort of jungle kid? Like "me Tarzan, you Jane"??) At this point, I figured I should go ahead and tell this girl that she had the wrong number, so I sent a message back to that effect. She then sent one to me that said, "wht?" (You can't even be bothered to throw the "a" in there???) So I replied with a very clear, "you have the wrong phone number -- I don't know you." That seemed to do the trick...

And then two hours later, once again -- "ae u jacob? this faith." (I'm guessing "ae" is Jungle Girl shorthand for "are.") The reply sent: Nope, sorry, you still have the wrong number. I then received a strange message which said, "rhen which jacob are." That's it. Rhen which jacob are. WHAT?? Is that even English? (Remember how I said I'd get back to the Indian music? Here ya go -- the Hindi lyrics I've been listening to the last few days make more sense to me than that message did.) 

After considering it for a while, I thought perhaps what she was TRYING to say was something like, "then which jacob are you." Because perhaps she was absolutely convinced that she was talking to someone named Jacob, but it was not the correct Jacob. Wow. I didn't bother to reply again -- I'm just hoping that eventually the light bulb came on and her Jungle Girl brain was able to process the concept of a "wrong number." C'mon Faith... I have... well, I have YOU in you...

Is THIS who you were looking for??


G said...

Nice. :D

I can relate to the annoying wrong number caller who would not give up.

My current cell # was for ten years my regular house phone #. For ten years I used to get wrong numbers for a chinese restaurant one town over.

For the past several years (2004), not only do I still get phone calls for that restaurant, but I also get the random phone call for people looking for someone else who apparently has a number similar to mine as well.

Also with my other cell, I used to get phone calls for a business was located in a differnt town. Same seven numbers, but different area code than mine.

Lisa said...

I seem to have one of those numbers that can be easily dialed mistakenly, so I'm used to getting a lot of random wrong-number callers. But when they KEEP calling and can't figure out they have the wrong number, it's annoying. (I actually had someone leave me a bunch of voicemails once for someone with a completely different name, even though I clearly say "this is Lisa" in my message. Do they not even LISTEN to the message??)

Your story reminds me of a house we lived in when I was a kid, where our phone number was one number off from the number for a racquetball club in town. It was called "The Supreme Court." So the first time someone called and asked if they'd reached "the supreme court," my mom thought it was a prank call. It took a few more calls before we realized there was an actual business in town that went by that name... :)

LL Cool Joe said...

Another reason I refuse to have a mobile phone!

My 2 girls communicate this way, and I wonder why we bothered paying for both of them to have a private education.