Friday, May 25, 2012

By the numbers...

2 -- Cups of coffee I plan on drinking while I'm writing this post (which will, by the way, be reheated an innumerable number of times because I never drink my coffee quickly enough).

0 -- Riots in my neighborhood during NATO last week. I would also like to point out that my condo building did NOT burn down, as Eric warned me it would. He'll probably say this is because of his hard work, and Rachel's hard work, and the hard work of the thousands of other Chicago police officers who managed the chaos last week. (Okay, seriously -- the CPD did an awesome job during NATO... Eric and Rachel, you guys rock... :))

3 -- Number of times I happened to see President Obama's motorcade within two blocks of my condo over the weekend. There were about a million motorcades passing by during NATO, all of which managed to gum up the traffic, but Obama's was unique -- every street was completely blocked off until the path for the motorcade was abandoned... then a single black car drove by (the "scouting car"??)... followed, five minutes later, by a police car... followed, after another five minutes, by six motorcycle cops... then shortly followed by several police cars, a couple big white vans, and finally the telltale black cars of Very Important People. And, while most of the motorcades over the weekend were full of unmarked cars with no flags (darn it), the president's motorcade included American flags and the flag of the president. This was the best picture I managed to get:

5,782 -- Approximate number of calories I consumed at dinner last night, when we tried a new (to us) restaurant called Epic. Tonight I'll be eating celery sticks and lettuce leaves. And maybe an orange slice for dessert.

6 -- Miles I am still striving to run in under an hour. It's going to happen this week -- I can feel it. At least it better happen this week, if I ever want to eat anything other than celery and lettuce again...

5 -- Average number of high-energy Indian songs I listen to at the end of my workout when I'm starting to get tired. They're better than Gatorade, I swear...

75 -- The very nice, quite perfect temperature today... Sunday is supposed to be near 100. I never thought I'd live in a place with weather more temperamental than Austin weather, but Chicago weather is crazytown banana pants (Community?? Anyone? :)).

2 -- Loads of laundry I SHOULD be doing instead of blogging... I suppose I'll go do something domestic... Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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