Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'll never eat another cookie again... (Ha! Just kidding...)

So far, NATO weekend has been quiet here in my neighborhood, even though I can see at least five police officers out on the sidewalk and about half a dozen transit authority people with bright orange vests halfheartedly directing traffic (which isn't really in need of being directed at the moment). At one point yesterday, the transit authority people blocked off the street right outside with traffic cones, and cars at the next intersection were being herded to the left -- I stood at the window waiting to see if a Very Important Person's motorcade would come zooming down the street, but nothing happened. Absolutely nothing. So either the Very Important Person snuck into town in an old Toyota (which, let's be honest, would be a great way to remain incognito), or the street blockade was a result of some Very Important Person a few blocks away.

Rick mentioned the possibility that some of the dignitaries coming into town could have those little flags of their nations flying on their cars... which got me all excited, because I have a weird obsession with flags. Of course, that would totally negate the "incognito" thing, so I'm not sure if anyone will actually advertise their country on their car... But now I'm really hoping for some kind of cool foreign Very Important Person motorcade, complete with flags... and also, if anyone would like to bestow upon us gracious NATO-hosting Americans any kind of gifts from your specific country, that would be all kinds of awesome. I really like foreign chocolate. And I'm right on your way into downtown if you're coming from the airport, so you don't even have to go out of your way to drop it off... I'll even meet you out on the corner... you don't even have to STOP -- just toss the chocolate out the window.

We figured we'd better go out last night, since we're planning to stay in the rest of the weekend (although I'm still not convinced that my building is going to burn down, as Eric has warned me it will once the protesters find us...). So we walked back over to Bull and Bear, the site of last week's awesome brunch. Dinner was also really good, although the service was sloooooow. But since it's a sports bar, there were TVs everywhere, some of which were broadcasting the Yankee game. So even though Rick and I were sitting across from each other, we each had a TV to watch the game. Which was nice, because it removed the threat of that whole "awkward conversation" thing. (I would like to mention that Rick is the one who pointed that out when we were at dinner... and I'd also like to mention that it's a joke... :))

And then after dinner, somehow THIS happened:

Uh, yeah -- this was described on the menu as the "ridiculously huge chocolate chip cookie." I didn't believe the "ridiculously huge" part until it arrived at the table. If you can't tell by the really dorky look on my face, it was like waking up on Christmas morning and seeing tons of presents under the tree... Seriously -- that thing was easily big enough for four people... probably even six...

Well, I'm off to wait for a Very Important Person motorcade, in the hopes that someone will toss me some chocolate...     

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