Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hooray for Chicago weather!

So we went out with Eric tonight, with the intention to eat at Twin Anchors -- a ribs/chicken place that was apparently frequented by Frank Sinatra years and years ago. That fact alone makes it cool, but they also have really good food... so we were all looking forward to dinner. The weather tonight, however, was not shaping up to be decent strolling weather -- normally, a walk to Twin Anchors would be a pretty simple endeavor (especially after last week's journey to the Hancock building)... but today was cold and rainy. Cold enough to be COLD, but not cold enough to produce snow. So we decided to drive to the restaurant at 5:30, which we assumed would be earlier than most people would bother to show up, especially on a Sunday. We assumed wrong, of course...

Since Twin Anchors was packed (and as I mentioned yesterday, Eric's time is consumed by bar exam studies at the moment and he didn't want to wait), we went with plan b, which was to have dinner at a place a couple blocks from our condo. There was no place to park, so Rick dropped off Eric and me and just took the car back to our parking garage, then he walked back to the restaurant. That way, we didn't have to pay for parking, and after dinner we could just walk the few blocks back to our respective homes...

Well, after dinner (and a quick stop at Caribou Coffee), we began the easy trek back home. Within a couple minutes, the rain started falling harder, and the wind picked up. And, since I hadn't been planning to walk anywhere (I thought we'd just be driving to Twin Anchors and back home), I didn't have a hat, gloves or scarf to provide additional warmth. By the time we rounded the corner to our street, all three of us were lamenting the fact that we were walking in the freezing, driving rain. My legs were numb, my head was so cold it hurt, and when I switched my coffee from one hand to the other so I could warm up my previously exposed hand in my pocket, I discovered the pocket was soaking wet and useless.

But once we finally ("finally" being about three minutes later) returned to our warm, dry condo, all I could do was laugh at how funny the whole thing had been. And, of course, snap a picture:

Yeah, THAT is some awesome hair... :)


G said...

I hate when that happens.

Couple of years ago I started out on a short walk. It was overcast but I thought I could get to and from before it opened up.

Silly me, about three quarters of the way home, the skies opened and I had to take refuge for about fifteen minutes underneath a few trees that did not provide a ton of shelter from the deluge.

Lisa said...

Yeah, we're lucky we didn't have to walk very far, otherwise we would've had to find a place to hang out for a while. In fact, my brother lives literally two minutes beyond our place, and he ALMOST came up to our condo before continuing to his own, just because it was so windy, cold and wet... :)